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April 28, 2023

SKALE Q1 Update: Accelerating Growth and Innovation in the SKALE Ecosystem | SKALE

SKALE Network

The SKALEverse is excited to share its significant progress in technological advancements and ecosystem growth during Q1 of 2023! SKALE Labs efforts have been focused on improving network performance, introducing innovative features, expanding the SKALE ecosystem, and fostering a thriving community of developers and partners. 

This Q1 update highlights the achievements that have strengthened SKALE's position as the leading multi-chain network and Ethereum scaling solution.

Key SKALE Q1 Highlights

Network Performance

Every month in Q1 2023, SKALE had an average of 65,000 active users/wallets facilitating over 9 million transactions and saving more than $100 million in gas fees. Since SKALE V2 launch in June 2022, the network has seen a significant increase in usage, handling over 67 million transactions from over 415,000 unique wallets.

In Q1 2023 alone, SKALE saved the SKALE and Web3 community a staggering $341,600,000 in gas fees! Keep up to date with all SKALE network’s stats here

SKALE 2.1 Release

This upgrade brought faster, more stable, and feature-rich network capabilities to the network. Improvements in user experience and security resulted in improvements to the IMA Bridge, Consensus, and sFuel distribution.

Dartmouth Blockchain Study

SKALE outperformed seven popular blockchains, including Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, in real-world testing for TPS and Time to Finality. Continue reading for more details!


Four live hubs (Nebula, Europa, Calypso, and Titan) simplify UX for devs and users while improving efficiency to the network.

Marketing and Enterprise Efforts

A robust marketing engine, enterprise team, and upcoming SKALE Web3 Publisher/Arcade contribute to increasing awareness and validation. Stay up-to-date with the latest announcements on the SKALE twitter.

On-chain Voting

Set to commence in Q2, driven in a decentralized manner by the community.

Increased Focus on Gaming

SKALE has been established as the fastest EVM blockchain solution for blockchain gaming with CryptoBlades reporting 122% user growth since launch!

Application and Developer Growth 

Since the launch of SKALE V2 in June 2022, the network has seen significant growth, with 23 applications going live, 16 new partnerships in progress, and over 150 projects in the pipeline. Some notable applications include Exorde, Gamifly, HUMAN Protocol,  Kryptoria, 0xBattleground, Prospectors NFT, Ultimate Digits, and many others. These applications span various industries, including gaming, NFT marketplaces, decentralized freelance markets, and sports metaverse.

Growth and Ecosystem Partners

Partnerships with DappRadar, MyEtherWallet, Subquid, Tres.Finance, and WAGMI have improved user experience, data access, and development tools for SKALE developers.

Marketing Updates & Events

SKALE has been focused on refreshed product marketing, thought leadership, and community growth to drive awareness. Recent marketing events include a first-time appearance at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) and Outer Edge LA. Demos at the GDC booth included Crypto Colosseum, 0xBattleground, and Prospectors NFT showing a side by side of real-time on-chain gameplay and transactions.

Dartmouth Blockchain Research

A study by Dartmouth Blockchain revealed SKALE as the best-performing and fastest blockchain network based on real-world testing! SKALE beat out popular blockchains like Solana, NEAR, Polygon, and Avalanche in transactions per second (TPS) and time to finality (TTF) tests.

On top of being the FASTEST blockchain, SKALE is also the ONLY zero cost EVM blockchain network! SKALE’s fast and free architecture allows Dapps to attract users with little-to-no friction - the ultimate seamless Web3 experience.

Engineering and Product Updates

SKALE 2.1 brought improved stability, end-user sFUEL onboarding, even better compatibility with Ethereum, and enhanced node rotation. 

Gaming On SKALE

SKALE continues to be a destination for blockchain gaming. High quality gaming titles Kryptoria and 0xBattleground are preparing to launch on SKALE, while Block Brawlers, CryptoColosseum, and CryptoBlades have seen immense user growth since launch. Check out this demo from Prospectors NFT to see how SKALE’s instant finality and zero-cost transactions can be utilized for fast and easy on-chain gaming.

Additionally Gamifly, a esports platform focused on integrating web3, recently launched on SKALE, bringing thousands of users to the SKALEverse. With all these features ideal for gaming, SKALE is at the forefront of Web3 gaming! 

Looking Ahead

As SKALE continues to strengthen its fundamentals, the approach to mass consumer adoption through modular scaling and invisible blockchain experiences is gaining traction. With first-mover advantage and more innovations to be announced soon, SKALE is well-positioned to lead the market with its modular AppChain architecture combined with the shared security validator model which has already been built and proven with millions of transactions.

SKALE Labs is immensely grateful for the support from the SKALEverse and eagerly anticipate sharing a multitude of groundbreaking updates in the near future!


SKALE is an Ethereum native, modular blockchain network composed of high-throughput, low-latency blockchains that are optimized for Web3 user experience. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, ML/AI smart contracts, and enhanced security features.

The SKALE network enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse.

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