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March 14, 2023

Tres.Finance, the first financial data lake for Web3 companies, integrates with SKALE | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Over the past year and a half, society has witnessed both the successes and setbacks of the crypto market. Despite this, web3 builders remain confident in the industry's future adoption and actively seek new and innovative ways to address product market gaps. Tres.Finance is one such company that has successfully created the first financial data lake for web3 companies, serving as a reliable source of truth for financial data.

We are happy to announce that Tres.Finance will integrate its Asset Management, DeFi Tracker, and Accounting Platform into SKALE to support SKALE's mission of bringing speed, decentralization, and security to Web3 applications.

Tres.Finance is the sole solution available to Web3 companies operating across multiple Layer 1s and 2s, engaging in DeFi activity, and especially building on SKALE to maintain compliance, automate accounting, and reconcile their activity. Any company involved in digital assets requires a financial back-office. By utilizing Tres, finance teams can reduce their monthly accounting time by 70%, generate an audit trail to eliminate weeks of year-end work, and track their DeFi and NFT activities, known as revenue streams. Since their launch in September 2022, more than 100+ blockchain platforms have been utilizing their services. 

Tres.Finance has great faith in the SKALE ecosystem and its potential, which is why they have chosen to serve as its financial back-office. With several prominent players in the industry building on the network, they will provide a streamlined financial operations solution that enables these projects to allocate their time and resources to other critical tasks. Tres.Finance Co-Founder and CEO Tal Zackon echoes these sentiments stating, “SKALE's ecosystem is growing rapidly, positioning their layer2 as an exciting upcoming to win over developers and businesses that will enjoy the network effect.” 

Need a step-by-step guide on how to use Tres Finance with SKALE? Get started now by following the instructions provided below:

Step 1: Contact their team using the link here.
Step 2: Send over wallet addresses to their team.
Step 3: Data is then ingested into their platform (see photos for reference).
Step 4: Start labeling, automating, and collaborating and get your Web3 finance in order (see photos for reference)!

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