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April 12, 2023

Unlock Web3 with Ultimate Digits: Phone Numbers Meet Blockchain

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Imagine a world where a single phone number unlocks the immense possibilities of Web3, much like the way the internet revolutionized communication and e-commerce platforms revolutionized how we shop and do business. In this digital era, we've witnessed how disruptive innovations like streaming services have reshaped the entertainment industry, and ride-sharing platforms have disrupted traditional transportation systems. As these real-world instances exemplify the power of technology to change our lives, Ultimate Digits is poised to make a similar impact as we continue to move into a Web3 world and is now building on SKALE! 

Their innovative mobile number Web3 username registry begins with the +999 country code, placing users in a distinctive position similar to how groundbreaking technologies like email, mobile apps, and blockchain altered the digital landscape. Compatibility with the E164 phone numbering standard grants users access to an incredible 10 billion 10-digit phone numbers – one for every individual on the planet. Additionally, Ultimate Digits addresses the needs of three specific user categories: those desiring a personalized new number, those eager to keep their existing number, and those seeking a new number bundled with telephony features such as voice, text, and data. Ultimate Digits enables users to tailor their numbers, converting them into exchangeable NFTs.

By linking their Ultimate Digits number to their current mobile number, users can obtain Web3 notifications through SMS or choose to receive them via our state-of-the-art app. The app also provides 2FA, USSD codes, communication settings, VOIP, and secure messaging services. Picture a future where Ultimate Digits is the comprehensive Web3 identifier for payments, logins, notifications, and more! 

Their business aims to target tech-savvy individuals, privacy-conscious users, businesses, global communicators, and NFT enthusiasts. The platform's offerings cater to a diverse range of needs, from Web3 integration and personalized numbers to secure communication and digital asset trading.

SKALE's blockchain offers numerous benefits to Ultimate Digits in terms of scalability, compatibility, customization, cost-efficiency, and security, helping to create a robust and competitive platform that meets target market demands and supports long-term growth. Scalability, specifically, is a key advantage of SKALE, and as a mobile number-based Web3 username platform, Ultimate Digits has the potential to serve billions of users globally. 

By building on SKALE, the platform can ensure high throughput, low latency, and a seamless user experience. SKALE's compatibility with Ethereum allows us to tap into the established ecosystem and tools, facilitating development and deployment while reaching a broader crypto audience. Additionally, building on the SKALE Network can significantly reduce transaction costs compared to using Ethereum mainnet directly, offering an affordable solution for users and maintaining market competitiveness. 

“Ultimate Digits is revolutionizing the Web3 space by enabling users to create and customize mobile number-based Web3 usernames, turning them into tradeable NFTs. As we launch this innovative platform, we're excited to have built it on SKALE, leveraging its impressive scalability, Ethereum compatibility, and flexible sidechains to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape." - Atharva Sabnis, Co-Founder, Ultimate Digits. (Twitter: @therealatharva).

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