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Modular - Zero Gas Fees - AppChains

SKALE Fuels Innovation.
Not Gas Fees

Say goodbye to slow transactions with high gas fees, and hello to an invisible blockchain experience

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Scale with SKALE

Zero Gas Fees. Forever

SKALE is a limitlessly scalable, fast, on-demand blockchain network with zero gas fees, allowing quick deployment of interoperable EVM-compatible chains without compromising security or decentralization.

SKALE is a fully decentralized, open-source, community-owned network.

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Create a World-Class User Experience for Games, NFT Platforms, and Web3 Applications

Ethereum Native

Native integration with Ethereum boosts security, reliability, and fosters a shared revenue stream, bringing value to both networks.


Network capacity increases as new nodes join the network, allowing for limitless scalability. 100 chains = 39,770 TPS; 1000 chains = 397,700 TPS, etc.

Shared Security

SKALE is a multichain network with shared security, but not shared performance; each node runs 8 chains, randomly rotated for collusion resistance.


SKALE is an eco-friendly blockchain using PoS and efficient containerization to optimize resource allocation of SKALE compute, reducing waste.

On-chain File Storage

On-chain file storage for Dapps enables full websites, AI/ML integration, and trustless on-chain NFT image storage.

Instant Finality

Instant block finality on SKALE prevents MEV, time bandit attacks, and re-orgs, solving latency and slow finality plaguing other blockchains.

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What’s New With SKALE

SKALE's Expanding Spectrum of Use Cases


The Future of Gaming is Here

Create player-first web3 experiences with SKALE’s unrivaled speed, scale, and gas-free infrastructure. Reimagine gaming and bring your vision to life.

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Why Choose SKALE For Gaming

Zero Gas Fees

Zero Gas Fees

Transactions are free on SKALE. Offer unlimited free mints, onboard players within seconds, and build great experiences.

Game Changing Speed

Game Changing Speed

The fastest blockchain in the industry, SKALE offers unparalleled speed, low latency, and instant finality. Your players will want to play.

Built in game development tools

Built-in Game Development Tools

Native file storage, RNG, and UX/UI. Prototype quicker, build faster, and iterate more without added costs.   

Configure to your needs

Configure to Your Needs

Prototype your game or build your own chain. Permissioned or permissionless, you take control.

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Gas Free Gaming in Action

No lag. No interruptions. Just gameplay. 

Create an invisible gaming experience.

Player-first Games Powered by SKALE

Stray Shot


StrayShot is a P2E game that delivers a thrilling shooter experience to players.

Untitled Multiplatform Game


A 32-bit multiplayer platformer. Adventure into the blockchain one pixel at a time.

Havens compass

Haven's Compass

A fast-paced Shooter game where interchangeable hero abilities meets tactical gameplay.


Empowering AI with SKALE Chains

SKALE Chains are revolutionizing AI with zero gas fees and instant finality which cater to the nuanced requirements of AI applications. These features are essential for AI to optimally function on blockchain.

Empowering AI with Skale Chains
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AI-Optimized Features

Predictable cost for High Throughput

Predictable Costs for High Throughput

AI applications require automated, high-volume transactions that are impossible without zero gas fees.

Modular AI Execution layer

Modular AI Execution Layer

AI on SKALE means provable, immutable, on-chain data for any ML or LLM.

Instant finality and zero MEV

Instant Finality and Zero MEV

Once a transaction is commenced, it immediately comes to finality, preventing manipulations like front-running.



Unlock DeFi’s full potential on the only EVM network with zero gas fees. Stay secure with no MEV or Front-Running.


Harness the power of decentralized customization, high performance, and easy onboarding with configurable AppChains.


Take advantage of free NFT minting, on-chain file storage, and instant transaction time thanks to SKALE’s modular architecture.


Revolutionize online commerce with feeless transactions and secure smart contract functionality.


Power your DAO with a secure consensus mechanism, enabling democratic decision-making with real-time voting at zero cost.



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Ecosystem partners

Start Building

Build with simple, powerful APIs and SDKs. Access native tools to drive innovative gas free experiences. Connect to start your project, expand with SKALE, or build your own chain.

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SKALE Zero Gas Fee Model vs. Other Blockchains

SKALE has an architecture that was specifically built to eliminate the burden of gas fees and create a better user experience. Developers and dApps pay chain fees instead of users paying gas fees on individual transactions. Validators are then rewarded monthly by performance, rather than per block.

Skale gas fees - network congestion graph
Skale Network congestion

How SKALE Works

Harmonizing Speed, Security, and Decentralization

Advanced cryptography combined with pooled security offers speed and decentralization without sacrificing security, enabling developers to provide a fast and free user experience.

Virtualized subnodes & decentralized blockchain

Ethereum-native chain orchestration method

10M+ transactions per day per chain

High-performing pooled validation model

Secured by random & regular node rotation

Easily deploy Ethereum-based smart contracts

The Tech Behind SKALE

Leaderless BFT Consensus

Leaderless BFT Consensus

SKALE's block creation uses a variant of ABBA protocol, limiting subnode downtime by detecting slow links in its consensus model.

Interchain Messaging

Interchain Messaging: BLS Threshold Signatures

Virtualized subnodes validate cross-chain transactions using group signatures once published to Ethereum mainnet.

Node Monitoring

Node Monitoring

Each SKALE Chain's node monitoring service tracks others' performance, measuring uptime and latency by regularly pinging and logging peer nodes.

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Containerized Subnodes Provide Unparalleled Performance

A unique containerized subnode structure unlocks enterprise-grade performance and offers dApp developers options on par with centralized systems, including elasticity, configurability, and modularity.

Skale crypto bridges

Extremely Modular & Customizable
Fast Transactions Per Second
Rapid Blocktimes & Near-Instant Finality
Mathematically Provable Consensus

Security Protocol

Pooled Validation Model

Validator nodes are assigned and randomly rotated to SKALE chains by a mainnet contract. Nodes will be removed from and added to one or more chains on a non-deterministic schedule. This revolving process of random node rotation enables every configurable blockchain to leverage the security pool of the entire network on behalf of each chain.

skale crypto block chain
Skale web3 python

Node Architecture

Containerized Validator Nodes

The virtualized subnodes are supported by an innovative containerized architecture that provides industrial-grade performance for decentralized application developers. SKALE's high performance and flexibility come from leveraging the resources of the entire network for each independent chain.

How SKALE stacks up

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Top SKALE Supporters

Acrew Capital
Arrington Capital
Consensys Mesh
DTC Capital
Hack VC
Multicoin Capital
NGC Ventures
Oyster Ventures
Wave Capital
Winklevoss Capital

Build on SKALE

The SKALE Innovator Program for developers includes grants, consulting, Marketing & PR, engineering support, QA support, and investor introductions.

Apply to the Innovator Program