Blockchain Metrics Testing
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Key Performance Metrics:

Transactions Per Second (TPS) and Time To Finality (TTF) are crucial performance metrics for blockchains. TPS measures the number of transactions a blockchain can process in a single second, indicating its speed and scalability. TTF measures the time taken by a blockchain to reach a consensus on a transaction, signifying its efficiency.
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Dartmouth Blockchain
Study Results

Blockchain Metrics Testing: TPS

a comprehensive review by Dartmouth Blockchain
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Tested chains include (in order): SKALE (397.7 TPS), Solana (375.31), Fantom (85.39), Flow (60.1), Avalanche (49.68), Polygon (20.92), Ethereum (12.23), and NEAR (6.22)

Dartmouth Blockchain Study Results

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Dartmouth Blockchain recently conducted a study into the performance metrics of some of the most popular blockchains, testing them in real-world environments.
The study evaluated the performance of 8 popular blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, NEAR, Flow, and SKALE. Among these, SKALE emerged as the top-performing blockchain, with a TPS of 397.7 and a TTF of 1.46 seconds.
Most of the other blockchain networks showed significantly lower scores both in terms of Transactions Per Second (TPS), and Time To Finality (TTF).

SKALE's Unparalleled Scalability

SKALE network currently consists of 20 individual, interoperable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains, each with a TPS of 397.7. When combined, the entire SKALE network boasts an impressive performance of 7,954 TPS.
Thanks to SKALE's modular design, there is no cap on the number of new SKALE Chains that can be established, paving the way for potentially unlimited capacity.
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Blockchain Metric Testing: TTF

a comprehensive review by Dartmouth Blockchain
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Tested chains include (in order): SKALE (1.46s), Fantom (1.76s), Avalanche (1.9s), NEAR (4.64s), Solana (9.64s), Polygon (4m 45s), and Ethereum (17m 5s).
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