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Unlock DeFi’s Full Potential

  • • Only EVM Network with Zero Gas Fees
  • • No MEV or Front-Running
  • • Highest TPS & Instant Finality (Rated Fastest Blockchain in Dartmouth Study)
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SKALE is a natural fit for DeFi protocols looking to innovate on new use-cases and cater to the 21 Million+ existing SKALE users


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Order Books with Limit Orders and DCA
No MEV front-running
High-Frequency Trading
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No roll-backs and no re-orgs
Instant Finality
Micro-lending with high TPS
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Perp DEXs

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Tap into liquidity across EVM-chains
Threshold Encrypted Bridge and Built-in Oracle
Gasless Trading Experience
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"Ruby chose SKALE for its high throughput blockchain with zero gas costs, enabling us to create innovative on-chain functionalities like limit orders and dollar-cost averaging. With SKALE, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in DeFi to provide our users with an experience that is competitive with centralized exchanges."

Pyrite, Ruby.Exchange Core Team
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