Perpetual DEXs

Unlock DeFi’s Full Potential

While Perpetual DEXs are on the rise, their market share remains under 4% of total perpetuals trading volume. The main problem these DEXs face are a lack in liquidity depth and oracle price manipulation.

On SKALE, the app-chain model lends itself perfectly to Perpetual DEXs and Derivative products given the modularity and customization that SKALE's architecture enables.

Perp DEXs with Order Books and Matching Engines

Modular Parameters
Highest TPS
Built-in Encrypted Bridge

Offering Deep Liquidity and a Lightning Fast User Experience

Cross-chain Liquidity
Near-Instant Finality

Builders working on the next generation of Perpetual DEXs should consider SKALE for its ability to offer a custom modular chain fit for a high-throughput trading experience.

The Perpetual trading market is still in its infancy compared to the opportunity that lies ahead. A modular high-performant architecture will unblock the new Dapps tackling this market.

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