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March 31, 2023

Gamifly, now Live on SKALE, is an Esports Metaverse Bringing Sports Inclusivity to Fans and Gamers Alike | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Since the first eSports tournament in 1978, this dynamic sector has significantly impacted the global sports industry. Dotesports estimates the eSports market's value at around $1.62 billion by 2024. Although eSports only constitutes a small portion of the global sports industry, its consistent, remarkable year-over-year growth is undeniable. Like many industries, continuous innovation is essential to foster a more inclusive approach. Gamifly is championing this mission by integrating esports with web3 and acknowledging sports globally through their interactive, sci-fi esports game, Cricket Fly. Now live on SKALE, Gamifly delivers cost-effective transparency to the eSports landscape, benefiting fans and gamers alike.

With over 700,000 app downloads, Gamifly has emerged as a leading decentralized web3 platform designed for and solely owned by genuine sports and esports enthusiasts worldwide. Gamifly embraces the diversity of sports and esports, catering to regional passions such as cricket in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, baseball in Japan, and American football in the US. Cricket Fly, one of their games, offers a thrilling experience for esports enthusiasts to compete, socialize, and earn rewards. Gamifly's inclusive approach creates a platform that accommodates fans from all backgrounds and interests. Furthermore, they host weekly and monthly tournaments, allowing players to compete for enticing rewards. Gamifly also enables users to cash out their earnings to any supported crypto wallet easily.

The decentralized network of SKALE empowers Gamifly to be a transparent platform where users can access transaction data anytime and support Gamifly’s rapidly expanding user base. Gamifly's Co-founder Robert Zhang shares, "We are elated to go live on SKALE, a partnership that has demonstrated immense depth and mutual benefits. Gamifly and SKALE are working in unison to accelerate Web3 mass adoption. Having already introduced a million sports fans to Web3, we eagerly anticipate the adventure of onboarding 1000x more enthusiasts!"

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