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February 7, 2022

DappRadar to integrate SKALE into it's dapp tracking offerings

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

SKALE is happy to announce DappRadar will soon be integrating the Skale Network and its ecosystem of dapps into their dapp tracking. DappRadar wants to make exploring, tracking & managing dapps, insightful, convenient and rewarding for all. They started in 2018, bringing high quality, accurate insights on decentralized applications to a global audience and rapidly became the go-to, trusted industry source. Today, they're the starting point for dapp discovery hosting 9456 dapps from over 20 protocols. Users get comprehensive NFT valuation & portfolio management and DappRadar leads the way in data led, actionable industry reporting.

Read their blog about Dappradar to integrate SKALE Network here.

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