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March 10, 2023

iBLOXX Studios' 0xBattleGround Offers Seamless Blockchain Battle-Royale Gameplay on SKALE | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

The gaming industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent years, with blockchain technology unlocking new opportunities for gamers to earn cryptocurrency and own the very characters they play with. iBLOXX Studios is partnering with SKALE to take the blockchain gaming industry by storm with their highly-anticipated game, 0xBattleGround! 

0xBattleGround is a Battle-Royale game that provides a seamless blockchain experience and was created by the Dubai-based game development company, iBLOXX Studios. The game has been designed to be user-friendly for both crypto and non-crypto users, where players can fully own their assets. Additionally, the game's in-game marketplace allows NFTs to be earned, traded, and purchased. With in-house development, 0xBattleGround ensures a high level of control over the user experience and game quality.

0xBattleGround is anticipated to become a favored option for blockchain gamers due to various features it offers, including:

  • A gameplay loop designed to be addictive, and is complemented by high-quality graphics that will keep players engaged. 
  • Transparent revenue model, with its PNL laid out.
  • Ownership of assets within the game, allowing players to have a tangible stake in the success of the game. 
  • Designed to be simple and easy to navigate, ensuring that players can fully engage with the technology. 
  • Sophisticated tokenomics avoiding high inflationary mechanics found in other play-to-earn games, giving it a competitive edge in the market.

Over the last three months, the number of members in their Discord community has been climbing rapidly, with more and more people buying into the hype. They plan to expand this community significantly, targeting over 150,000 members in the next two months. To amplify the hype and anticipation, take a look at their beta version trailer now!

0xBattleGround will benefit from several advantages by building on SKALE, including high network speed for efficient processing of a large number of transactions, interoperability between various chains through an IMA Bridge, and zero gas fees for end-users resulting in reduced costs for gameplay. SKALE's impressive benefits position it as the ultimate choice for 0xBattleGround to unlock the true potential of blockchain gaming!

"0xBattleGround redefines how Web3 games should be built by focusing on an entertaining game, a well balanced Token economy and a seamless blockchain integration. Partnering with SKALE was the logical choice, as their Blockchain eliminates the need for our players to pay for gas fees and enjoy a better gaming experience" - Domenik Maier, CEO and Founder of iBLOXX and 0xBattleGround

Interested in gaining insights from the CEO of 0xBattleGrounds? Domenik will be at GDC, on March 20th to 24th, 2023, at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Together with SKALE Labs, attendees will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the game at SKALE's booth. Additionally, Domenik will be participating in SKALE's panel discussion, 'The Next Generation of Blockchain Gaming: Where Fun Meets Functional,' alongside SKALE's Co-Founder and CEO, Jack O'Holleran. Click here to find out more about this event.

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