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February 22, 2023

Subsquid’s Full-Stack Blockchain Indexing Solution is Live on SKALE | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Blockchain can be comparable to a database, as they both store information. However, there are many critical differences between blockchain and databases. One significant difference is that blockchain is decentralized, meaning no central entity controls how data is stored. Databases also use the same language that allows information to be easily gathered into queries, such as Structured Query Language (SQL). 

However, with blockchain’s nature of being decentralized and its adoption becoming more prevalent every day, there is a growing need to compartmentalize data, which is known as a query. Blockchain indexing allows users to filter through endless amounts of data to locate necessary information, access reliable data, and enable blockchains to run efficiently. This is why we are pleased to announce that Subsquid, a full-stack blockchain indexing solution, is now live on SKALE! 

Subsquid is a full-stack blockchain indexing solution with an open-source SDK, specialized data lakes for on-chain data (Archives), and a hosted service (Aquarium). Subsquid solves the data access problem for a wide range of online and analytical use cases, including:

  • A flexible and performant backend for decentralized applications. In most cases, Subsquid can completely replace client RPC read requests with a tailored GraphQL API, significantly reducing the infrastructure costs and shortening the frontend development cycles.
  • A data pipeline for preparing, transforming, and loading large volumes of on-chain data for data analysis and forensics.
  • A highly customizable data source for dashboards and on-chain activity monitoring.

Subsquid is designed ground-up around batch processing in contrast to other block-based and event-based indexers. The batch-based programming model embraced by the Squid SDK boosts the indexing performance to 50k+ blocks per second.

Subsquid's protocol will begin supporting SKALE's Calypso mainnet/testnet, where the buying, selling, and minting of NFTs take place, and SKALE's Nebula mainnet/testnet, a decentralized chain that will house many games. "Here at Subsquid, we love the overall vision of SKALE bringing Ethereum compatibility and next-gen scalability to a growing ecosystem of chains. We’re excited to be helping developers access data across the entire SKALEverse, and we can’t wait to see what features like high TPS and zero gas fees enable these builders to create!" Dmitry Zhelezov, CEO of Subsquid.

For more information on Subsquid, please visit: 

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