Experience Pure Gaming Joy with an Invisible Blockchain

Goodbye lag times and high transaction fees. Hello gamer-first invisible blockchain experiences.
No performance issues.
No interruptions.
Just gameplay.

Gaming UAWs on SKALE have grown 61,000%  YoY with over $6 Billion in gas fee savings

How is this possible?

Zero Gas Fees.

Seamlessly onboard gamers and put in-game actions on-chain for zero cost. Transactions are always free on SKALE.

Game-changing speed

Dartmouth Blockchain evaluated SKALE as the fastest blockchain in the industry. SKALE offers unparalleled speed, low latency, and instant finality.

Built-in game development tools

Prototype quicker, build faster, and iterate more without added costs. Native file storage, on-chain RNG, and gaming SDKs come standard with SKALE.

Trusted by Developers, Creators, and Builders Globally

By partnering with SKALE we have been able to plan out a path to build more on-chain and provide a superior user experience than any other chain in the space. The gas-free and instant finality architecture has helped Haven's Compass exceed user expectations and provide an experience where "free actually means free"!
Fares Abu-Taleb
Founder & CEO of Ghost Ivy Development Studio
How Gas-Free Gaming Looks Behind the Scenes