SKALE is the fastest EVM blockchain solution for blockchain games.

SKALE’s modular multi-chain architecture allows for gaming-specific chains that are fast, efficient, and infinitely scalable. Best of all, onboarding gamers to SKALE is easy, gas fees are FREE (don't need to hold SKL) and SKALE is compatible with most EVM wallets.


Zero Gas Fees

Multi Transaction Mode

Instant Finality

Easy User Onboarding
(no need for SKL)

On-Chain File Storage

Free NFT Minting

On-Chain Random Number Generator

Free Cross-chain Token Transfers

The SKALE Network

150 Million

Transactions, and Counting


Saved in Gas Fees


Active Users (last 180 days)

Rated the World’s Fastest Blockchain

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Cryptoblades reports 122% increase in user growth

Philip Devine
CEO of Riveted Games
“Our successful launch on SKALE highlights the skill of our team in executing our multi-chain strategy, as well as the enthusiasm of our user base for the safe, fast, and free-gas blockchain solution from our partner. Immediately after onboarding, over 20,000 users transferred over NFTs to SKALE Network, far exceeding our expectations!”

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