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April 5, 2023

SKALE's March 2023 Recap: Building a Stronger SKALEverse with Fresh Partnerships and Exciting Events | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

In March, the SKALEverse expanded significantly as new partners came on board, additional chains joined the interconnected network, and numerous in-person networking events took place. By educating people about SKALE's advanced technology and enabling users to enjoy seamless Web3 experiences, particularly in blockchain gaming, the SKALEverse has successfully attracted new partners to its vibrant ecosystem. Most notably, from SKALE’s in-person events this previous month, we observed a shift in web2 gamers’ interest in exploring the advantages of web3 gaming. Read all the SKALEverse highlights to keep up with the latest developments from March.

Building a Vibrant SKALE  Ecosystem 

Now live on SKALE, Gamifly offers cost-effective transparency and caters to diverse sports interests worldwide. With over 700,000 app downloads, Gamifly integrates esports with Web3 through their interactive game, Cricket Fly. SKALE's decentralized network supports Gamifly's rapidly expanding user base to bring sports inclusivity to fans and gamers globally. 

For the first time in SKALE history, two major ecosystem partners, Ruby.Exchange and Cryptoblades are offering gameplay rewards to CryptoBlades users on SKALE's Chain. This partnership demonstrates SKALE's modular multi-chain blockchain infrastructure's potential to build a decentralized future with zero gas fees for end users. To learn more about this collaboration and how these partners complement each other, read Ruby.Exchange's blog here to learn more. 

iBLOXX Studios is partnering with SKALE to launch 0xBattleground, a Battle-Royale game offering players a seamless user experience and in-game asset ownership. The game features addictive gameplay, high-quality graphics, transparent revenue models, and sophisticated tokenomics. By building on SKALE, 0xBattleGround benefits from high network speed, chain interoperability, and zero gas fees for end-users, enhancing the overall gameplay.

Tres Finance, the first financial data lake for Web3 companies, is integrating its Asset Management, DeFi Tracker, and Accounting Platform into SKALE to support its mission of bringing speed, decentralization, and security to Web3 applications. Tres.Finance acts as a  financial back-office for companies operating across multiple Layer 1s and 2s, enabling finance teams to reduce monthly accounting time by 70% and generate audit trails. 

Untitled, a retro multiplayer game, harnesses the power of SKALE’s sophisticated blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry. Their goal is to present laid-back gamers with opportunities to discover and relish in-game experiences with friends. At the same time, those with a competitive edge can pursue complete mastery of the game, encompassing achievements and in-game challenges. 

Warshmallows World is a prime example of traditional games shifting to Web3 gaming by partnering with SKALE to empower players through true digital ownership. By owning their assets, players can trade and exchange them with others. NFT owners will also get access to a hyper interoperability system, letting them transfer their heroes throughout multiple platforms and even other games and metaverses! 

SKALE your NFT audience with MadNFT’s second guest blog post. Learn how to create a successful NFT drop, focus on developing your artistic brand, properly pricing and structuring your drop, and engage with your audience. 

SKALE Tech Reads & Videos

Educating the community about SKALE’s emerging tech and macro trends will allow readers to be better equipped for Web3’s evolving space. With SKALE’s various thought leadership pieces, stay informed and understand industry terms.

Quick Reads 


Community Events

Watch a Twitter Spaces & March Community AMA with our partners and SKALE Co-Founders Jack O’Holleran and Stan Kladko.  

IRL Events: Networking and Connecting with SKALE In-Person

SKALE and Edge & Node hosted a panel exploring the current state of NFTs, their future potential, and the best ways to launch them in the real world. NFTS: Moving From Speculation to Utility panel had panelists including Tobin Lent (Head and Global General Manager of Fanatics Collectibles’) and Kirthiga Reddy (CEO of Virtualness). There was a strong showing, with a crowd invested in the future of NFTs!

SKALE had a strong showing at the Outer Edge LA conference. In addition to lots of traffic to the SKALE booth, attendees could view demos for NFTLabs and Droplinked, showing SKALE in action. SKALE CEO Jack O'Holleran spoke on a panel session about The Macro Economy of Gaming and Why It Matters! KTLA quoted Jack stating, "The value of gaming products will come from their intrinsic and utility value rather than speculative hype, which was prevalent in the previous market cycle."

SKALE also sponsored the Outer Edge LA hackathon with $3000 of bounties, where many high-quality projects were submitted! The winning teams of the SKALE bounties were Ape Harmony, Non-Fungible Pets, and NFT Card Marketplace.

GDC 2023 highlighted the growing interest in Web3 gaming and blockchain technology, with Web2 gamers now more open to exploring these innovations. SKALE’s leading blockchain infrastructure showcased its invisible blockchain experience with demos from games: Empire’s Gambit, 0xBattleground, and ProspectorsNFT, offering user-friendly and fun gameplay! The event also featured panel discussions on the challenges and potential of blockchain gaming, with a panel of experts emphasizing the role of blockchain technology and NFTs in enhancing player loyalty and gaming experiences. Read the full GDC recap here. 

March came to a close; however, the SKALEverse continues to thrive and expand! The growing interest in blockchain gaming and Web3 technology was evident, with Web2 gamers increasingly exploring the benefits of decentralized gaming. SKALE's advanced technology and seamless Web3 experiences have facilitated the creation of user-friendly gaming experiences and fosters a vibrant ecosystem. Stay updated on the latest developments and join the SKALE community in shaping the future of Web3!

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