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March 20, 2023

ZK for the Impatient Episode 4: Chaotic Math & Elliptic Curves with SKALE Co-Founder Stan Kladko

SKALE Network

Welcome back to ZK for the Impatient with SKALE Labs CTO and Co-Founder, Stan Kladko. In the fourth part of this five-part miniseries on ZK Proofs, Stan tackles the topic of chaotic math and elliptic curves. Tune in below to watch the full episode now! 


00:05 Intro/Episode 3 Recap
01:25 What Is Chaotic Mathematics?
04:01 Elliptic Curve Addition
05:55 Elliptic Curve Multiplication
06:58 Miller's Algorithm
07:35 Weil Pairing Bilinear Property
08:55 Conclusion

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