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March 16, 2023

Warshmallows World is partnering with SKALE to empower players through true digital ownership | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

The gaming industry has been dominated by cash cows such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo in the traditional gaming space. Although the variety of gaming platforms is abundant, players often face the challenge of losing their in-game assets when moving between platforms. This situation results in players losing both their money and time, as they have to start from scratch on the new platform. In contrast, web3 blockchain gaming offers true digital ownership, providing a compelling reason for traditional web2 gamers to make the switch.

Gamers can achieve genuine equity by having true digital ownership over their in-game digital identities. The concept of video game interoperability further enhances this by enabling players to connect their assets across various blockchains and networks. Web2 games are also starting to evolve by incorporating DAOs, NFTs, and Metaverses into their gameplay. Warshmallows, a desktop and console game, is leading the way as an example of a traditional game embracing the web3 gaming revolution, and they’re now building on SKALE! 

Warshmallows World is a hilariously fast-paced multiplayer shooting game where you battle over the championship as sweet but dangerous marshmallows at war! This auto-battler will trigger your tactic and strategic thinking, as every choice will count. This casual competitive game is where players will own their progress and in-game assets. By owning their assets, players can trade and exchange them with others. NFT owners will also get access to a hyper interoperability system, letting them transfer their heroes throughout multiple platforms and even other games and metaverses! 

The integration with SKALE will allow Warshmallows to see their multichain, interoperable future of gaming come true. It involves not only transferring characters across chains but across games. Therefore, a player from one game can move to a completely different game without building an entirely new character! 

"The Skale blockchain offers numerous benefits for the Warshmallows project, including increased scalability and security, which is critical for a game to be successful in the blockchain gaming space. But what makes SKALE valuable is the exceptional support from the SKALE Labs team, ensuring the success of our onboarding in its ecosystem." Walid Sultan MIDANI - Founder and CEO

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