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February 3, 2023

Want speed? January’s Lookback solidifies SKALE as the fastest blockchain network! | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Closing the month on a high note! SKALE leads the pack as the fastest blockchain network for dApps, according to a Dartmouth Blockchain Group Report. A new benchmarking study was conducted by DBG testing eight blockchain networks, including Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Near, Ethereum, and more, to better understand their TPS (transaction per second) and finality/latency speeds.

The results showed that SKALE has the fastest TPS of all the tested blockchains and was 19x faster than Polygon and 30x faster than Ethereum on TPS. Additionally, SKALE achieved the fastest finality at 1.46 seconds, with only three blockchains achieving sub 2 second times. 

SKALE is off to a great start this year, gaining even more recognition outside the SKALEverse as one of CV VC’s Top 50 Companys! The report showcases the development of the top-performing blockchain and crypto ecosystem across the Swiss Crypto Valley. Stagger statistics present the Top 50 CV VC blockchain platform's market capitalization amounts to $175.6B! Check out more impressive stats from the report here


Two more dApps were added to the SKALEverse this month! First, PRIMAL, the 1st athlete fan token project represented by sports stars with millions of fans with integrated Move2Earn, is building on SKALE! PRIMAL has partnerships with notable companies such as Fitbit, Apple, Oura, and Whoop. Plus, it's supported by Step App, DAO Maker, and Green Machine. Not only is there a Move2Earn component with PRIMAL, but users can also pay $PRIMAL into athlete vaults. PRIMAL has signed agreements with 250+ sports stars worldwide, with the first fan token announced recently! To check out the full announcement, click here. 

SKALE has continued to make blockchain gaming more user-friendly, with zero gas fees for end users and fast transactions. That is why Kryptoria, a blockchain-powered strategy game that offers its 15,000 users true digital asset ownership through blockchain technology, is building on SKALE!

Kryptoria is an immersive 4X and RTS game enabled by the Ethereum blockchain that encourages players to build an empire in the world of Kryptoria through economic, technological, and military power. Set in a futuristic sci-fi world, players can trade, fight for, and upgrade their assets. All on-platform transactions are made in Ellerium, the currency of Kryptoria. SKALE’s unique architecture and zero gas fees will help Kryptoria lower the barrier of entry for new users entering the crypto and digital goods space. Read more about the Kryptoria Partnership.

SKALE’s dApp + Partner spotlight series highlights multiple partners and dApps currently live on SKALE! We ask numerous questions about their projects, their experience working with SKALE, and industry-related subjects. This month we spotlighted three of our partners and dApps: Exorde, Razor Network, and Ruby.Exchange. 

To read each of their spotlights, click the links below!

Exorde - solves the problem of spreading misinformation by creating a community that links all the public data circulating on the web!

Razor Network - an oracle solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable real-world data streams to smart contracts on any supported network.

Ruby.Exchange - the leading next-generation NFT-integrated AMM and decentralized exchange.

In continuation with NFTrade x SKALE’s partnership, we spotlighted two more premier artists that have their art on NFTrade. 

The first artist, Kira Bursky (All Around Artsy), is an award-winning filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist on a journey to explore perceptions of reality with each of her magic-fueled films and projects. Her “States of Surreality” NFT collection conveys states of relating to life, ourselves, and others. Check out the full collection on NFTrade here! 

Andres Munoz is a talented NFT Artist who first got his start in painting. Andres decided to expand his portfolio and tap into the digital world! To check out his collection on NFTrade, click here.


SKALE gave its first sneak peek into the SKALE ZK initiative at the end of 2022 to continue the pace of innovation and cover even more use cases. However, to best help people understand this interesting and difficult-to-understand tech, we've decided to dedicate a 5 part miniseries, ZK for the Impatient, that will break down ZK into understandable concepts with SKALE Co-Founder and CTO Stan Kladko!

The first two episodes are out now and have been released on SKALE’s YouTube channel and blog. To learn more about ZK, tune in to watch! Additionally, be on the lookout for more upcoming episodes. 

Watch Episode 1: ZK for the Impatient (Introduction)

Watch Episode 2: Arithmetization


Continuing to grow the SKALEverse could not be possible without the support of SKALE’s Core Team and SKALE’s Ambassadors. Their dedication to supporting the infrastructure and spreading as much awareness about SKALE’s impressive technology keeps the mission alive. To get to know these people, SKALE has its Coffee with the Core Team video series and Ambassador Monthly Recap, highlighting all the events that SKALE’s ambassadors host!

Check out our latest two episodes of Coffee with the Core Team with Polina and Rob! Learn more about what they do at SKALE Labs and upcoming teasers for the community! 

Read the full December Ambassador recap here to learn more about the awesome events SKALE’s Ambassadors put on for their respective communities! 

Are you interested in joining SKALE's Ambassador Program? Go here to apply!


Have you missed one of our SKALE events? Don’t stress! You can now tune into all of January’s events to hear from our partners and all the latest SKALEverse updates. 

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