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January 31, 2023

SKALE dApp + Partner with Exorde | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager
1. How did you come up with Exorde’s concept?

We've always been very aware of information distortion and misinformation regarding several topics, notably global warming. With Exorde, we wanted to create a new technical system engineered to be neutral and transparent with information, offering everyone a full spectrum of information that is no longer bound to its country of origin or language.

2. What differentiates Exorde from other competitors?

Exorde scrapes data across all social networks, online news publications, and websites in real time through a decentralized community. A dispersed community means Exorde has access to privileged data that many worldwide are not privy to and can make it easily accessible to anyone worldwide.

The Exorde community provides massive computing power to the protocol, which allows for heavy processing such as sentiment analysis. Exorde's unique community approach to scraping incites the community to rework and improve the scraping and sentiment-analysis modules used to run the protocol, fully leveraging the true potential of a community-driven protocol.

3. What is your favorite feature of your Exorde?

Aside from Exorde providing neutral access to information worldwide, the best part about Exorde is our engaged community. They are heavily committed to the projects’ success and ensure that by improving and growing the protocol each and every day.

4. Why did your team decide to partner with SKALE?

The Exorde Lab's team wanted to partner with SKALE from the beginning of its inception. Our very first whitepaper dating back to the summer of 2022, referenced SKALE as the blockchain network we intended to build on. SKALE provides a gasless execution layer for our smart contracts, which is critical to Exorde's success when dealing with a high volume of transactions. 

5. How much time did it take to develop your product, and what challenges did you face?

Our project has taken over a year to develop as we needed to create a protocol with little precedence. Exorde processes tens of millions of unique URLs per day, with tens of thousands of contributors spread out all over the world. This protocol requires the development of a decentralized infrastructure that works in real-time to produce timely information for our users. 

6. How do you see web3 evolving in the next 3-5 years?

We will see the integration of Web3 technology into traditional services that have outdated practices and inconvenienced consumers. However, web3 is still experimenting with how it can be applied for everyday use cases and disprove falsehoods about its potential to hesitant consumers. Transparency through decentralization will be critical in this disruption and allow the industry to keep evolving and for people to trust the technology.

To learn more about Exorde x SKALE’s partnership, read our full blog post here.

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