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October 4, 2022

Exorde is now live on SKALE! | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Breaking news is uniform in today’s macroeconomic and political climate. But is the information being presented reliable and factual? Society struggles with increasing misinformation and inaccuracies reported on social channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and unreliable web sources. According to Vox, in 2019, 8% of engagement with the 100 top-performing news sources on social media was dubious. In 2020, that number more than doubled to 17%. It becomes exhausting for a reader to distinguish between what is legitimate reporting versus what falsehoods are being perpetuated by internet trolls. However, Exorde, a Web3 protocol now live on SKALE, solves the problem of spreading misinformation by creating a community that links all the public data circulating on the web!

Exorde uses a decentralized and open-source protocol to collect data everywhere worldwide. Their unique use-case for decentralization guarantees that data is neutral and transparent, ensuring that barriers raised by those who want to halt the flow of information, such as proxies or separate internets (China, Russia, etc), are bypassed. Exorde aims to extract and sell reputation scores for brands/cryptos/stocks based on what people are saying on social media. 

How it works is simple. The protocol receives input URLs of public information: social network posts, press articles, photos, and videos. These URLs are then processed in a decentralized data pipeline that gives output graphs linking all similar data and facts. EXD is the utility token of the Exorde protocol. All contributors can earn reputation and EXD, the cryptocurrency of the Exorde protocol.

Exorde’s need for fast transaction speeds and low latency, makes SKALE the perfect solution to build on. Exorde CEO and Co-founder Térence GRAS explained, “SKALE is perfect for a high-tps and a low latency dapp like Exorde. We are making millions of transactions per day! Our data-related use cases need low latency to come close to real-time processing. SKALE is our execution layer, allowing us to abstract technicalities like gas from our user experience while still being secured by Ethereum. Overall, a dedicated high-performance chain is perfect for our data-related operations.”

For more information on Exorde, check out the following channels:

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