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April 4, 2024

SKALE March Ecosystem Recap - Users Save Nearly $1.8 Billion On Gas Fees As 10 Projects Join the Ecosystem | SKALE

SKALE Network

March was the biggest month ever for the SKALE ecosystem! The network not only shattered previous records but also set a new gold standard in cost savings with users saving nearly $1,800,000,000 on gas fees

The excitement was fueled further by the bustling activity on the network, with more than 36 million transactions processed for the second consecutive month, highlighting the platform's robust growth and limitless scalability.

Total spend on gas fees in march between leading EVM scaling solutions

Quick Highlights

Milestones - Surpassed 350 Million Transactions, $6 Billion Saved on Gas, and 100,000,000 blocks
SKALE x GDC - SKALE announced a $2,000,000 GDC grant program and hosted the biggest happy hour at GDC 2024
More AI on SKALE - AI Dapps continue to choose SKALE with Dmail and ChainGPT joining 
NFT Expansion - New NFT Infrastructure projects join SKALE to bolster the ecosystem

Keep reading to catch up with the latest exciting developments in the SKALE ecosystem!

March Milestones

Surpassed 350,000,000 Transactions

SKALE has eclipsed the 350 million transaction mark, showcasing the network's growing adoption and capacity for handling high-volume blockchain applications. This milestone is part of a consistent upward trajectory, with the network achieving at least 10% growth month-over-month for six consecutive months.

Over $6 Billion Saved on Gas Fees + $1.8 Billion Saved in March

For the first time, SKALE has saved users over $1 Billion on gas fees, nearly $1.8 Billion, in just one month! SKALE's commitment to affordability and accessibility in the blockchain realm is highlighted by its zero gas fee architecture, which has saved the users over $6,000,000,000! This makes SKALE the leading blockchain in terms of savings on gas fees for its users.

Zero gas fee model on SKALE

100,000,000th Block Confirmed 

With the remarkable achievement of surpassing 100,000,000 blocks, SKALE has demonstrated unparalleled network stability and reliability, maintaining an impressive chain 99.9% uptime in 2024. 

GDC x SKALE $2M Gaming Grant 

SKALE made waves at GDC 2024! During the event, SKALE announced $2 Million in grants for projects who want to empower the next wave of blockchain gaming experiences. Indie game devs, gaming studios, Web2 and Web3 games are all encouraged to apply.  Applications are due on April 12th! Learn more and apply here.

GDC Happy Hour with SKALE + Friends

Additionally, SKALE participated in the WAST3D Happy hour at GDC with Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Elixir Games, and Unioverse. A long queue of gamers, devs, and fans mingled, enjoyed drinks, and shared their excitement about the future of blockchain gaming! A special shoutout to SKALE games Havens Compass & Yomi Games for live demos!

AI Continues to Find a Home on SKALE

The momentum of AI projects on SKALE continues to accelerate, as developers harness the network's unparalleled capabilities for AI-based dApps. With its zero-cost transactions, high throughput, and instant finality, SKALE stands out as the optimal blockchain platform for integrating AI and ML models.

ChainGPT's AI infrastructure is integrating with SKALE to tackle blockchain's gas fee challenges. Using ChainGPT with zero gas fees on SKALE enables groundbreaking AI applications in Web3. 

Dmail has partnered with SKALE to launch its AI-enhanced Web3 messaging platform on the gasless blockchain! Soon, Dmail's 9,000,000+ users will enjoy a gas-free Web3 experience thanks to SKALE's invisible blockchain infrastructure.

PalmAI launched The NFT Studio, a platform for displaying, trading and bridging NFTs that are made and minted with PalmAI bots to the SKALE Network.

Exorde’s AI-based platform continues to thrive on SKALE, as the platform has processed 15,488,580 transactions for zero cost in March, saving millions over using other blockchains.

Expansion of NFT Infrastructure on SKALE

The SKALE Network welcomed several additions to the NFT ecosystem, designed to supercharge scalability and innovation. With improved infrastructure and cutting-edge features, SKALE is set to revolutionize the way creators and users engage with digital assets.

NFT Arcade chose to build on SKALE with the mission to bring a safe and secure marketplace to make digital assets accessible for all, thanks to zero gas fees. 

Kredeum allows creators to easily build decentralized NFT marketplaces on Wordpress! This combined with SKALE’s gas-free architecture makes NFT marketplaces more accessible than ever.

The DripVerse NFT SDK combined with SKALE's zero gas fees creates an improved experience and increased utility for NFT builders and users alike.

Other March Partnerships in the SKALEverse:

SKALE March Partnerships

RocoFinance’s gaming portal and their flagship game, Rise Online, are now live on SKALE!

Hitmakr aims to reshape the music industry by enhancing artist control, transparency, and fair compensation.

Triumph Games Goes Gas Free with Coming Launch of ArmourX on SKALE.

Antier Solutions is teaming up with SKALE to launch a game-changing accelerator program, fueling innovation and adoption in #Web3.

Sportzchain allows fans to get closer to their favorite teams and players while earning rewards.

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March saw SKALE mark an extraordinary period of growth, saving users an impressive $1.8 billion in gas fees. The momentum continued at GDC 2024 with the largest happy hour event and the launch of a $2,000,000 GDC Grants Program. The ecosystem expanded further with AI dApps like Dmail and ChainGPT joining, and new NFT infrastructure projects coming onboard to enhance SKALE's diverse and dynamic landscape.


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, and enhanced security features.

The SKALE Network enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse.

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