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March 6, 2024

Roco Finance Now Live on SKALE: Launching Gaming Platform with Zero Gas Fees | SKALE

SKALE Network

Suite of Gaming Tools and Features Now on the World’s Fastest Blockchain

In a world increasingly connected through the digital realm, the gaming community stands at the forefront of innovation and community-building. Game developers and gaming enthusiasts alike seek spaces where they can share, create, and enjoy the fruits of their labor and passion. However, as blockchain technology becomes more ingrained in our digital experiences, a significant barrier emerges: the rising cost of transactions. These costs can deter participation and innovation, making it challenging for many to engage fully in blockchain activities. Against this backdrop, the SKALE Network offers a refreshing solution with its zero gas fee infrastructure, paving the way for more inclusive and accessible blockchain experiences. It is with great excitement that SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, announces the launch of Roco Finance on the SKALE Network!

Roco Finance emerges as a platform that not only bridges the gap between gaming and blockchain but does so in a way that's accessible to all. By partnering with SKALE, Roco Finance harnesses the power of zero gas fees, enabling a seamless and cost-effective environment for users to engage in play-to-earn games and other blockchain-based gaming activities. This partnership reflects a shared vision of democratizing access to blockchain technology, making it easier for developers to build and for gamers to play without the burden of prohibitive costs.

So what is SKALE, and why is it a game-changer for projects like Roco Finance? SKALE is a fully decentralized Ethereum compatible network designed to bring scalability to Ethereum, allowing for instant transactions and a zero gas fee model. This infrastructure enables applications built on its network to offer a smoother and more affordable user experience. For Roco Finance, this means the ability to provide their users with fast, free transactions and a suite of innovative features, such as an active bridge system and a fully transitioned payment system to SKALE, ensuring that users no longer have to bear the cost of gas fees for their transactions.

Echoing the enthusiasm for this significant milestone, Sebahattin Akay, Co-Founder of Roco Finance, shares, "Going live on SKALE is a game-changer for us. In our games and products, we've always aimed to provide the best service to our users. Our dream was to have a structure where we could make fast and free transactions. We are achieving this dream with SKALE today." This sentiment underscores the transformative potential of Roco Finance's launch on SKALE, marking a new era for blockchain-based gaming.

For those eager to dive into the world of Roco Finance, accessing and using the platform is straightforward. With the integration of SKALE, Roco Finance has activated many innovations, including an efficient bridge system and a SKALE-based payment system, eliminating the need for gas fees. Interested users can explore the Roco Finance ecosystem, including their flagship game Rise Online, by visiting their official website and game portal. As Roco Finance rolls out its new roadmap for 2024, the community can anticipate more exciting developments and game launches, further enriching the gaming experience on the blockchain.

In essence, the collaboration between Roco Finance and SKALE Network is more than just a technical partnership; it's a visionary step towards a future where the gaming and blockchain worlds merge seamlessly, offering endless possibilities for creators and players alike. This launch not only highlights the innovative spirit of both entities but also reaffirms their commitment to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and engaging gaming community on the blockchain.


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for secure Ethereum scaling. SKALE Appchains provide ZERO gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, and zero-cost minting. SKALE enables developers to deploy their own configurable EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization.

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