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October 4, 2023

SKALE Q3 Ecosystem Recap: The Biggest Period of Growth in SKALE's History! | SKALE

SKALE Network

Q3 2023 was the most exciting quarter in the history of SKALE, and the ecosystem growth shows no signs of slowing down. From massive usage metrics dominating the Dappradar charts, to a dozen new dApp partners, learn how SKALE is becoming a dominant player in the blockchain space. 

Usage Metrics on SKALE Skyrocket in Q3 as Gas Free Gaming Takes Off!

This fast growth now positions SKALE in the top 10 of ALL blockchains in both daily transaction volume and daily active users, ahead of Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and other popular blockchains, according to DappRadar. 

Ensuring easy user access to high-quality games has led to more than 735% increase in monthly active wallets quarter over quarter, with on-chain transactions up 480% in the same time period.

The SKALE Ecosystem Achieved Several Milestones In Q3

SKALE achieved the milestone of hitting 100 MILLION on-chain transactions and over 1 million users! Congratulations to the SKALE community for creating a thriving ecosystem of dApps and users. Additionally, the community has achieved the milestone of saving ONE MILLION ETH or $1.5 Billion USD on gas fees! SKALE's zero gas fee architecture has saved users more on gas fees than any other blockchain network. 

SKALE dApp Success Stories: The Gas Free Gaming Revolution

SKALE has proved itself to be the ideal home for blockchain gaming, revolutionizing the way blockchain is integrated with games. The fast and free transactions combined with seamless onboarding have allowed several SKALE games to explode in popularity. These are some success stories from the past quarter:

Hurley Sells out NFT Collection, Minted on SKALE

SKALE proudly supported surf brand Hurley with their entrance to the Web3 space! Hurley used SKALE for FREE minting and distribution of 10,000 digital collectibles, which grants holders access to the Super Surfer Game™️ and apparel. This collection totally crushed it, selling out in just under a week! Play Hurley Super Surfer here! 

StrayShot Launches Open Beta with Over 4,000 Participants

Upcoming first person shooter StrayShot Launched their anticipated open beta! With over 4,000 participants, StrayShot climbed to #44 on the DappRadar games rankings. This AAA FPS game will be live on SKALE later this year! Sign up for your chance to play in the StrayShot beta!

Untitled Platformer Draws Hundreds of Thousands of Gamers

Retro platform game Untitled Platformer has been the north star of the SKALE gaming ecosystem. In August 2023, Untitled unlocked some impressive achievements:

  • #5 Blockchain game on DappRadar
  • Over 200,000 Unique Active Wallets
  • Almost 1 Million transactions

Play Untitled Platformer for FREE here! 

Gamifly Takes the Cricket World by Storm

Gamifly is a sports metaverse offering esports events to fans and gamers. Their flagship product, CricketFly, live on SKALE, has successfully launched in Southeast Asia and gained immense popularity with over two million downloads thanks to SKALE’s seamless onboarding.

Additionally, the game is hitting on-chain milestones with over 200,000 UAW in the past 30 days, processing over 2 million transactions. Check out Gamifly’s performance on DappRadar.

Gamifly’s pre-sale mint of Shadab Khan (captain of the Pakistani National Cricket Team) NFTs with the launch of their sports engagement platform sold out almost immediately! 

A Rapidly Growing Ecosystem: Announcing 12 New dApp Partners

Q3 2023 was one of the largest quarters for ecosystem growth for SKALE. From infrastructure partners, to bridges, to games, the addition of valuable dApps has strengthened the ecosystem and advanced the adoption of SKALE. These are the partners that went live on SKALE in Q3:


Elements offers a streamlined platform for the simple deployment of exceptionally intricate infrastructure, including digital goods, multiplayer features, cloud and server optimization, and Web3 tools. This partnership provides game developers access to easy plugins and solutions for integrating SKALE as their game’s blockchain solution! 

5TARS, the first Web3 Sports Predictions & Fantasy game with zero gas fees, is now live on the SKALE Network! SKALE's fast and free infrastructure allows 5TARS to meet the high demands of a global user base, ensuring an uninterrupted, high-speed performance for every game.


Hurley brings its surf innovation into the digital realm, selling out 10K Hurley NFTs and teaming up with SKALE blockchain to mint them with zero gas fees.


NFTb is a first of its kind social gaming marketplace! With the integration of SKALE, a wider community of gamers will have the opportunity to discover SKALE-built games.


STARZPLAY, the streaming service with over two million subscribers, in an industry-first move, has partnered with SKALE to roll out their fantasy sports platform that allows people to watch their favorite professional football games while competing for prizes!


Discover the next level of web 3 gaming with Booja.World, now live on SKALE Network. Enjoy seamless transitions across multiple games and own digital assets.


SKALE partners with Meson.Fi to launch the first multi-chain bridge, providing increased liquidity access to all SKALE app and hub chains. Discover how this revolutionizes cross-chain transactions, benefiting the SKALE ecosystem.


CoinSender, an innovative multi-address transaction platform has launched on SKALE, allowing multi-address token transfers with zero gas fees! Use Coinsender here

Levitation Protocol Progress

Earlier this year, SKALE introduced the Levitation Protocol, a completely decentralized scaling solution based on Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs. This innovative protocol aims to transform the ZK landscape by seamlessly integrating a wide range of ZK solutions into the SKALE Architecture, while also providing rollup connectivity to the Ethereum Mainnet. 

Levitation Protocol is open-source and decentralized, offering any ZK solution the opportunity to easily integrate and leverage its architecture. The SKALE developer community has already initiated research and experimentation with various open-source ZK solutions and their integration with SKALE.

Top Tech Reads about SKALE 

Decentralized Blockchains-as-a-Service

Just like AWS transformed cloud computing, SKALE's Blockchain-As-A-Service revolutionizes blockchain adoption by providing on-demand EVM blockchains that are scalable, performant, and robustly secure! Learn how SKALE is simplifying Dapp deployment. 

SKALE’s Hybrid Architecture

SKALE is melding the blockchain layers, combining the security of L1, the efficiency of L2, and the flexibility of L3. Learn more about how SKALE is offering solutions for ANY decentralized application!

An Overview of Blockchain Gaming

Discover how blockchain technology is reshaping the gaming industry, and how SKALE's zero gas fees are enhancing user experience and driving mass adoption of web3 games.

SKALE is Leading the AppChain Revolution

Advanced AppChains on SKALE, known as SKALE Chains, offer zero gas fees, and reduce competition over resources and enable developers to focus on delivering superior decentralized applications. 

A Guide to sFUEL: SKALE Network's Valueless Gas Token

Learn about the role sFUEL plays in allowing free transactions, how to obtain sFUEL, and how it bolsters security.

SKALE Press & Events 


SKALE was at Token2049 in Singapore, where  SKALE Labs Co-Founder/CEO Jack O’Holleran led a keynote speech about “The Path to 100m Users: Paving the Way with UX, Economics, and Shared Security.” Watch and listen to the full presentation below!

Messari Mainnet 2023

In addition to attending the conference, SKALE held a Happy Hour during Messari’s Mainnet 2023! Additionally, Decrypt Media interviewed SKALE Labs Co-Founder/CEO Jack O’Holleran about the evolution of on-chain gaming and how it is poised for mass adoption. Watch the full interview on Decrypt’s website.

SKALE In VentureBeat & Blockworks

SKALE Labs Co-Founder/CEO Jack O’Holleran is also an expert in AI with two op-eds out this month.

It's been an incredible quarter of milestones, growth, and innovation, and it wouldn't be possible without the continued support and dedication of the core team, partners, and the SKALE community. As Q4 progresses, the SKALE community is committed to building upon this momentum, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain and decentralized space, and delivering even more value to our users. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates and developments as SKALE continues to shape the future of blockchain technology. Thank you for being a part of the SKALEverse!


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as ML/AI smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, and enhanced security features.

The SKALE network enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse.

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