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July 18, 2023

A New Era in Fantasy Sports: 5TARS Launches on SKALE | SKALE

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The beauty of sport, particularly football, lies not only in the roar of the crowd, the suspense of the match, or the passion on the field but in the connections it fosters. It unites us, ignites our spirit, and fuels our shared human experience. Just as every pass, tackle, and goal on the pitch weaves an intricate tapestry of shared emotion, 5tars is designed to weave an equally thrilling narrative into the world of blockchain. SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, is thrilled to announce that, the first Web3 Sports Predictions & Fantasy game with zero gas fees, is now live on the SKALE Network!

What is 5STARS? bridges the excitement of football with the power of blockchain, creating an immersive prediction and fantasy football experience. 5TARS has different Match Combat Arenas, each Arena represents a real-life event football game where 5TARTERS can make predictions before the beginning of the game. NFTs will act as boosters in order to increase your points, based on the performance of the players during the game, which impacts your position on our leaderboards. They’ve taken all the best elements of football - the game, the competition, the ambiance - and added a dash of gaming magic to create the ultimate fan experience.

Why did 5TARS choose SKALE as their blockchain partner?

The answer lies in their collective dedication to making football more accessible, engaging, and rewarding. The 5TARS platform allows players globally to compete for free and win prizes while enjoying their passions - Football & Gaming. By incorporating Web3 innovations such as NFTs, they’ve expanded the football experience beyond the field. Users can collect and use NFTs in Match Arenas, bringing an added layer of immersion and interaction. And with 10,000 weekly users and over 2,000 NFTs already sold, it's clear the 5TARS team is striking a chord with fans worldwide.

But a game like this demands a network that can keep pace. That's where SKALE comes in. Chosen for its speed, reliability, and zero gas fees, SKALE perfectly complements the 5TARS mission to deliver a seamless, enjoyable experience. SKALE's first-class infrastructure allows 5TARS to meet the high demands of a global user base, ensuring an uninterrupted, high-speed performance for every game.

"At 5TARS, we're driven by a deep-seated belief in creating a rewarding and enjoyable platform for all football enthusiasts. With the launch of, we're not just stepping into a new era, we're pioneering a paradigm shift where users can indulge in fantasy games in the web3 environment, reaping all its inherent benefits. Our choice to use the SKALE blockchain wasn't accidental; it mirrors our dedication to scalability, security, and efficiency. Together, we're not just building a game, we're shaping the future of fan engagement and interaction," Borja Burguillos, Co-Founder and CEO of 5TARS (@Borbur)

So as the anticipation of a new football season builds, 5TARS invites you to step onto the digital pitch. Join in the new frontier of football fandom, where every prediction, every decision, every victory takes on a whole new dimension.

Sign up for the 5TARS season pass here.

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