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May 17, 2023

SKALE Partner Spotlight with NFT Moon Metaverse | SKALE

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Welcome to our latest Partner Spotlight Q&A featuring NFT Moon Metaverse! Journey with us into this futuristic, Create-to-Earn multi-blockchain universe where users can create and monetize their own content!

In this discussion, we explore the inspiration behind NFT Moon Metaverse, its unique architecture, and the challenges faced during development. We also discuss their collaboration with SKALE, the fastest blockchain network with zero gas fees, and other notable projects within the SKALEverse that are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. 

Read the full Q&A below with the NFT Moon Metaverse team to uncover its role in shaping the future of the metaverse and creator economy.

How did you come up with your project's concept?

Since 2018, we have been paying attention to the metaverse and its different use cases, and realized that there was a distinct lack of utility. We came to the realization that there are different categories of visitors (audiences) across different metaverses that builders were catering to. Our solution at NFT Moon Metaverse was born with the idea of the Create and Earn function alongside the ability to use many blockchains in the metaverse. 

You might be wondering what  the Create and Earn Metaverse is. It is where you fully own and manage all the content and with the help of the constructor, you also create a location on your plot of land or area selected for development. From here you can create virtual items and buildings of any type, regardless of complexity. For instance:

  • As a gamer you can create a location for your favorite games or create a game location from scratch.
  • Entrepreneurs can create virtual locations of their businesses and create means for selling goods and services. Such examples are virtual offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. 
  • As a designer or programmer, or if you are looking for work, one can create a vacancy on an internal virtual exchange and sell your services. There are a lot of people in the metaverse who don't want to spend time creating locations or mechanics, but they are willing to pay money for those to be created for them. 
  • Finally, as an explorer, you can start with free access and take the time to understand the benefits of the metaverse. For this, you will receive an internal NTMi token and a unit of content measurement called Moon bytes. With the help of the NTMi token and Moon bytes, you have access to the closed functions and various locations within the metaverse.

Create and Earn allows you to maximize and monetize any action within the metaverse, from content creation to entertainment.

At its most basic core the Moon Metaverse is made of plots, ID cards, avatars with each of these assets providing advantages to the respective owner.

What differentiates your project from other competitors?

We provide the user with a huge selection of possibilities ranging from gaming to the creation and integration of business into the metaverse. The design of the metaverse allows for you to create any object and structure designed to your liking without any restrictions. Once inside, users can start exploring the metaverse for free and get rewarded for it. 

In addition, multi-blockchain access to the metaverse is an added benefit as users can choose which network they want to develop on. We also provide the ability to transfer your assets to another network at any time. 

While we have limited the number of plots to 10,000, these are divisible. Thus, the buyer of the plot already can release new plots himself and ensure that the balance between supply and demand is maintained.

In addition, we allow the user to control the metaverse using DAO avatars. Not only to manage but also to manage the development of the metaverse and the distribution of income.

What is your favorite feature of your project?

Our favorite feature of NFT Moon Metaverse is the ability to create any content regardless of the desired shape, quality of graphics, and backend design. This allows the user to start exploring the metaverse for free, which creates benefits for the metaverse and the environment. Over time with oracles and dynamic NFTs, users achieve massive growth within the metaverse and increase the value of his objects and NFTs that they have created.

Why did your team decide to partner with SKALE?

For NFT Moon Metaverse, SKALE’s zero gas fee structure is crucial. In addition, with the SKALE ecosystem rapidly growing, NFT Moon Metaverse is primed for growth as well with a large number of users joining from the SKALE Network. 

We also share the same values with regard to long-term partnerships, and this is evident with the SKALE Labs team with the support they have provided us technically and with marketing. 

How much time did it take to develop your product and what challenges did you face?

NFT Moon Metaverse has been in development for over two years and we are preparing for the release of our alpha version.  One of the challenges we have faced over the years is the lack of technical solutions to create metaverses. This also applies to blockchains (gas fees), server capacity, internet speed, as well as the development of the NFT industry and oracles. As these respective technologies have advanced,  dynamic NFTs and oracles allow you to implement unique solutions in the NFT Moon Metaverse.

How do you see web3 evolving in the next 3-5 years?

You can check out this study that our founder Alex Zhukevich participated in regarding the future of the Metaverses from the "Copenhagen University of Future Research" for some insight into our beliefs on where web3 is headed.

What other projects do you admire and or enjoy in the SKALEverse and why?

We like many projects in the SKALE Network ecosystem so  the ones we listed out below were based on the consideration of the possibility and benefit for integrating with NFT Moon Metaverse. 

  1. AILand has many similar features and this means that in the future we can make it possible for users to use AILand through NFT Moon Metaverse. 
  2. HUMAN Protocol provides an opportunity for NFT Moon Metaverse users to participate in the internal freelance exchange and get more jobs while also automating the process of checking the work performed.
  3. XP Network is someone who we already partner with to  bridge and transfer NFT assets between blockchains. 
  4. Gamifly is a promising project that would have real value within the NFT Moon Metaverse as users could take the opportunity to play their games within the NFT Moon Metaverse.

More About NFT Moon Metaverse:

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