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February 13, 2023

Multi-chain NFT Bridging Solution, XP.NETWORK is live on SKALE | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Diversifying portfolios allows investors the freedom to choose where they want to invest their money based on specific needs and minimize their risk of financial losses. So why shouldn't the same be applicable to the NFT space? The ability to transfer NFTs from one blockchain to another is critical for the industry’s mass adoption and functionality. That is why XP.NETWORK, a first-of-its-kind, multi-chain NFT bridging solution supporting more chains than any other NFT protocol, is now live on SKALE! 

So what is NFT Bridging, and why is it essential to the growth of the SKALE Network? Let’s look at a real-life example that many SKALE users currently face. Ben wants to move his NFTs from Polygon to SKALE Network to showcase his collection across multiple blockchain networks and make his collection accessible on various marketplaces. But how can Ben achieve this? NFT bridging is a powerful technology that allows the exchange of Ben’s NFTs from one network to another and data to be shared between Polygon and SKALE’s blockchains. Regardless of each blockchain network's unique infrastructure, a bridge is a unifying solution that allows data to be shared between networks.

XP.NETWORK is building multi-chain solutions to support the ever-growing Web3, creator economy, and NFT community. The world’s most powerful NFT bridge has 24 chains connected, 40+ chain partnerships, 4,000+ dApps in connection, and over 200+ million NFTs scanned by their NFT index product. Their suite of features, such as their NFT Index solution, is an efficient tool indicator that tracks NFTs owned by arbitrary accounts on various blockchains. Additionally, XP.NETWORK’s Bridge Explorer allows transparency for users to track transactions in real time and explore the history of transfers since the launch of the bridge. 

Most notably, their sophisticated interface, XPJS API, will get a users NFT collection or dApp running on multiple chains, boosting liquidity and sales across various platforms. Additional impressive features of their API include:

  • Supporting 23 blockchains, more than any other NFT bridge, with an additional eight coming soon 
  • Supporting transaction fee payments in the NATIVE currency of the chain of departure
  • Minting on multiple chains rather than one
  • Preventing cyber security attacks with its multi-layered security system

This integration will provide the greater web3 community a seamless gateway to SKALE, the blockchain network with the fastest transaction speeds and finality than any other blockchain network, and zero gas fees for end users. "As an NFT bridge working with dozens of GameFi projects, we are excited to provide a link to SKALE with its zero gas fees and optimizations for Metaverse & gaming.” -  Nir Blumberger, CEO of XP.NETWORK

For more information on XP.NETWORK, please visit the following channels: 

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