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June 4, 2024

SKALE Ecosystem Recap - May 2024

SKALE Network

May was a record-breaking month for the SKALE ecosystem! The network shattered records, hitting over 55 million monthly transactions, the most in SKALE’s history. 4 dApps went live on SKALE in May, while 12 more announced they are joining the ecosystem. Plus, former Arbitrum CMO Andrew Saunders joined the SKALE Labs team as Chief Marketing & Growth Officer! 

🔍 Quick Highlights 

Milestones - Surpassed 55M Monthly Transactions and $7 Billion USD/3 Million ETH Saved on Gas 

New CMO - Former Arbitrum CMO, Andrew Saunders, joins the SKALE Labs team as Chief Marketing and Growth Officer

Crossmint Integrated with SKALE- Developers on SKALE can now leverage Crossmint's suite of wallet, minting, and payments tools.

SKALE Block Explorer 2.0 - The SKALE Block Explorer 2.0 is life for all SKALE chains, featuring a brand new UI. 

Keep reading to catch up with the latest exciting developments in the SKALE ecosystem!

🏅 March Milestones

Surpassed 55M Monthly Transactions, a New Record for SKALE

SKALE set a new record with 55 million transactions in May, marking an impressive 34% increase from the previous month. This surge highlights SKALE's unmatched scalability and the quantity of dApps that are joining the ecosystem!

SKALE Has Now Saved Users More than $7 Billion USD/3 Million ETH on Gas Fees 

SKALE is the undisputed champion of gas savings! The network has surpassed an astonishing $7 billion USD and 3 million ETH in gas fees. This monumental achievement underscores SKALE's commitment to providing cost-effective and scalable solutions for the blockchain community. Say goodbye to exorbitant gas fees and hello to a more efficient future with SKALE!.

🤠 Former Arbitrum CMO, Andrew Saunders, Joins SKALE Labs

SKALE Labs is excited to announce the addition of Andrew Saunders as the new Chief Marketing and Growth Officer. Saunders brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles, including Global Head of Entertainment and Culture at Amazon and CMO at Arbitrum. His impressive track record of driving awareness and crafting innovative campaigns for top global brands is set to propel SKALE's growth in both the Web2 and Web3 space. Follow Andrew on Twitter here. 

📊 Messari State of SKALE Q1 Report

The latest State of SKALE report by Messari revealed the numbers and insights behind SKALE’s sustained phase of growth and expansion.

The network’s scalability is proving itself as average daily transactions grew by 18%, to over 1 MILLION TRANSACTIONS PER DAY! To no surprise, ExordeLabs and Nebula Gaming Hub are the chains leading the way in transaction growth, as AI and gaming continue to thrive on SKALE.

Additionally, the N.O.D.E. Foundation signed on 68 new applications to launch on SKALE, a 106% QoQ increase, and the value of staked SKL increased by 57%, making the network more secure than ever. Dive into the recap of the full State of SKALE Q1 report here.

🌐 SKALE Block Explorer 2.0

The new Block Explorer 2.0 is here with a fresh UI that makes it easier to see and use chain data. You can now check out detailed stats like transactions, unique active wallets (UAWs), and contracts for each chain. The updated tokens UI lets you filter and view NFTs along with their metadata, making everything more intuitive and user-friendly.  You can access the new Block Explorer for each chain via the SKALE Portal.

🚀 16 Partnership Announcements in May 

LayerZero - Leading cross-chain interoperability protocol, LayerZero, is preparing for launch on the Europa Liquidity Hub. 

ChainGPT - AI Tooling Platform that Launched Bulk NFT Minting on SKALE, taking advantage of zero gas fees. 

Katana Inu - AAA Quality Action Game with NFT Integration, available on Epic Games Store.

Kredeum - Revolutionizing the NFT space with gas-free transactions and seamless WordPress integration, now live on SKALE.

Crossmint - Trusted by the world's top brands, Crossmint is bringing their digital asset infra kit to SKALE.

🎮 4 SKALE Games on Epic Games Store

Games on SKALE are built different! With 4 games on the Epic Games Store, SKALE is bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. Check out Fusy Fox, Haven’s Compass, Strayshot, and World Of Dypians on the Epic Games Store. 

🛠️ SKALE Developers on Twitter

The SKALE engineering community launched the SKALE Developers page on X/Twitter! Already amassing nearly 10,000 followers, this page will provide updates, development tips, deep dives into SKALE tech and more! Follow @SKALEDevelopers here. 

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May was a monumental month for the SKALE ecosystem, surpassing 55 million transactions and in the month saving users an astounding $7 billion USD and 3 million ETH in gas fees. SKALE welcomed Andrew Saunders as the new Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, bringing a wealth of experience to drive future growth. The integration of LayerZero now enables seamless connectivity to over 70 other chains, enhancing interoperability for developers. SKALE continues to revolutionize scalable, cost-effective blockchain solutions and is poised for even greater achievements ahead.


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, and enhanced security features.

The SKALE Network enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse.

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