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May 30, 2024

Crossmint Partners with SKALE to Simplify Blockchain Adoption and Enhance Developer Experience

SKALE Network

The intricate nature of blockchain operations, from managing wallets to executing expensive transactions, often slows down its widespread adoption. However, in this complexity lies an opportunity—a chance for innovative companies like Crossmint to step in and develop solutions that make blockchain technology seamless and user-friendly. SKALE, with it’s gas-free architecture, has been developed from the ground up to provide an invisible blockchain experience. With this synergy in mind, it should come as no surprise to announce a partnership between Crossmint and the SKALE Network to simplify the blockchain experience for developers and end-users.

Crossmint is a platform designed to empower companies building on-chain applications. It provides all the necessary infrastructure for developing scalable applications that are intuitive for everyday users. With Crossmint, companies can build prototypes in hours without requiring blockchain expertise or holding cryptocurrency. Trusted by over 35,000 companies and developers, including Fortune 500 enterprises and web3-native firms, Crossmint’s suite of tools is modular yet seamlessly integrated, making blockchain technology invisible to end-users.

Crossmint and SKALE Network: Simplifying Blockchain for All

The partnership between Crossmint and SKALE Network is a natural fit. SKALE’s unique blockchain framework eliminates gas fees for users by having applications pay subscription fees, thus removing one of the most significant barriers to blockchain adoption. By integrating Crossmint’s suite of tools with SKALE, developers can now build more scalable and accessible applications.

Developers within the SKALE ecosystem can leverage Crossmint’s comprehensive toolset to enhance their applications:

  • Embedded Wallets: Integrate custodial or non-custodial wallets effortlessly into any app, allowing users to access blockchain services via email, social accounts, or phone numbers.
  • Mint API: Simplify the creation and distribution of NFTs at scale, reducing management overhead.
  • Payment Infrastructure: Facilitate on-chain purchases using various payment methods, including credit, debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major cryptocurrencies.

This partnership will enable developers to build more sophisticated applications that can scale to millions of users, making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly.

SKALE Network is renowned for its exceptional benefits:

  • Zero Gas Fees: Users do not pay gas fees; instead, applications cover these costs through subscription models.
  • Instant Finality: Transactions are processed instantly, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Fastest Blockchain Network: With over two million transactions per day, SKALE offers unparalleled speed and efficiency.
  • Enhanced On-chain Capabilities: Applications can perform more on-chain actions without the hindrance of gas fees, facilitating greater innovation and functionality.

With regard to the new partnership, Rodri Fernández Touza, Co-Founder of Crossmint expressed excitement by stating, "Crossmint’s suite of tools will make it easier for SKALE developers to build on-chain applications and onboard all of their users. We look forward to seeing how developers within the ecosystem leverage our full suite of wallet, minting, and payment solutions."

The partnership between Crossmint and SKALE Network represents a significant step towards making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly. By combining SKALE’s innovative framework with Crossmint’s comprehensive tools, developers can create scalable, efficient, and intuitive applications. This collaboration not only benefits existing projects on SKALE but also paves the way for future innovations, driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

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SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, and enhanced security features.

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