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March 6, 2024

SKALE February Ecosystem Recap - Monthly UAWs Increase 65% | SKALE

SKALE Network

SKALE’s Monthly UAWs Increase 65% In February from Momentum in Gaming and AI 

The SKALE community set a new record in February by hitting 7.6+ Million UAWs, an increase of 65% from January. This large increase resulted in users saving over $830 Million in gas fees. Additionally, February was the fourth consecutive month with over 30 million transactions!

UAW on SKALE Up 65% in February

Quick Recap

• Milestones - Surpassed 300 Million Transactions, 20 Million UAWs, and $4 Billion Saved on Gas

• Integrations - Transak Launches their On-Ramp & LayerZero Launches on Testnet 

• AI - Palm AI, FusionwaveAI, and GPTverse bring their AI powered dApps to SKALE

• Gaming - The Gas Free Gaming momentum continues with 7 games joining the Ecosystem

February Milestones

Surpassed 300,000,000 Transactions

SKALE has soared past 300 million transactions, demonstrating its capacity for high-volume, scalable blockchain applications. 

Over $4 Billion Saved on Gas Fees

SKALE's zero gas fee architecture has saved its community over $4 billion in gas fees, emphasizing its commitment to affordability and accessibility in the blockchain space. SKALE has saved users more in gas fees than any other blockchain!

SKALE's Zero Gas Fee Model

A Community of More Than 20,000,000 UAWs

Reaching 20 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) marks a significant expansion of the SKALE community! With more dApps going live weekly, and accessibility improvements like improved UI and Tranksak’s payment solutions, the community shows no signs of slowing down.

SKALE's Metrics Are Leading All Blockchains

Transak On-Ramp Live on SKALE

SKALE has integrated Transak’s fiat-to-crypto on-ramp! This combined with SKALE’s zero gas fees removes barriers to blockchain adoption, opening the floodgates of Web3 gaming to 180+ countries.

Explosion of AI On SKALE

SKALE has proven to be the premier blockchain for AI-based dApps. The networks zero cost transactions, high throughput, and instant finality make it a perfect fit for AI and ML models. Below, learn about how developers are taking advantage of SKALE for AI.

AI Projects on SKALE

Exorde AI’s Cost Savings 

Thanks to SKALE's gas-free architecture Exorde Labs' AI-based dApp has executed over 120 million transactions at zero cost! These transactions would cost millions on other chains, proving SKALE to be the PREMIER blockchain for AI.

PalmAI’s Google Powered Chatbot

Palm AI Launched their Google-powered AI chatbot on SKALE, onboarding their strong community to the network. They also launched a Gasless NFT Competition, where users could mint AI-generated images using Palm AI, with zero gas fees on SKALE, for a chance at 10,000 SKL reward!


GPTVerse is taking advantage of SKALE's zero-cost transactions with instant finality to launch its multi-platform AI hub.


FusionwaveAI is integrating AI into Web3 gaming. The platform's focus on onboarding Web2 gamers includes easy onboarding, no gas fees, and a single NFT to access games.

Continuing the Gas Free Gaming Revolution

SKALE’s ecosystem growth has mainly come from gaming, with new games joining the ecosystem every week. Games are choosing SKALE because of its gas-free architecture, allowing gamers to play uninterrupted! Check out this comparison of gaming-focused blockchains to see why games are choosing SKALE for their users. 

A Comparison of Gaming Focused Blockchains

Havens Compass recently minted out its NFT collection on SKALE, and has been rapidly climbing the DappRadar rankings! Part of the next generation of blockchain games with AAA graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Haven’s Compass will surely continue to attract new users and onboard them with ease, thanks to SKALE’s invisible blockchain experience.

Havens Compass is Climbing the DappRadar Rankings

Additionally, motoDEX has solidified its spot at the top of the DappRadar rankings. The racing game built on SKALE amassed over 6.84 Million UAW in February, ranking #1 of all blockchain games last month! 

Top Blockchain Game Rankings

Catch up on game launches from February in the SKALEverse:

- GameXPad teaming up with SKALE to build accessible IDO and INO Launchpads, an NFT Marketplace, and more!

- Heroes Battle Arena, the AI-boosted strategy game, is set to take advantage of SKALE's fast, free, and instant transactions.

- Land of Chasers is an ARPG with dynamic combat, rich lore, and limitless exploration. 

- GangstaVerse is bringing its metaverse of gangsters and detectives to SKALE! Rock, Paper, Scissors will be their first launch.

- HatchyVerse launched their mobile game, Hatchy Rampage, on SKALE, with zero gas fees! 

- Chess3 is utilizing SKALE to build a gasless, on-chain chess experience that makes chess more accessible for all. 

- World Of Dypians is the latest metaverse to join the gas-free gaming revolution, integrating with SKALE to provide their gamers with an invisible blockchain experience. 

Tech Reads & Updates

Layer0 Deployed on Testnet

LayerZero has deployed their interoperability protocol on the SKALE Europa Testnet! Devs xan set up tokens from other LayerZero-supported testnets, deploy existing LayerZero Apps, and leverage cross-chain messaging with SKALE.

Q1 2024 Technical AMA

The SKALE Labs core team and developer community held a technical AMA to discuss engineering updates, and answer questions from the community! Over 3,200 viewers tuned in, watch the full AMA below if you missed it.

4 Uses of SKL

The SKL token plays a critical role in powering the SKALE Network, and has four uses: Securing The Network, Validators Rewards, Chain Subscription Fee Payments, Governance & Voting. Learn all about SKL in this full guide to the token.

The Four Uses of the SKL Token

SKALE Data Center Powered by Dune

Are you interested in keeping tabs on SKALE on-chain data? Visit the SKALE Dune dashboard for metrics from individual SKALE chains, validators, gas savings, and more! 

Press & Research

DappRadar Games Report

In DappRadar’s latest games report, SKALE was highlighted to be at the forefront of growth in Web3 gaming, having the 5th highest growth in gamers (UAW) of all blockchains!  

Messari State of SKALE Q4

MessariCrypto recently released the State of SKALE report for Q4 2023, which highlighted the ecosystem's prolific growth. Average daily transactions were up 136% YoY and 26% from the previous quarter! 

Messari's Overview of SKALE

Jack BGA Interview

For their latest magazine edition, the Blockchain Game Alliance interviewed SKALE Labs Co-Founder/CEO Jack O’holleran about how SKALE drives mass adoption of Web3 gaming.

Wrapping up an electrifying January, SKALE has once again raised the bar in the blockchain world. With milestones like hitting over 10 million UAWs and saving users a whopping $400 million in gas fees, it's clear SKALE’s momentum shows no signs of slowing. From tech upgrades that smooth the way for developers to gaming hits that players can't get enough of, the SKALE ecosystem is buzzing with activity. SKALE is not just keeping up; it's leading the way in blockchain innovation.

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