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February 15, 2024

SKALE to Bring Zero Gas Fees to Gamers with HatchyVerse Partnership

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Gamers Can Now Play Hatchy Rampage With Zero Gas Fees on World’s Fastest Blockchain  

In an era where gaming IP and ecosystems are evolving at an unprecedented pace, the call for decentralization in brand ownership has never been louder. Decentralization not only paves the way for increased transparency and collaboration but also fosters a community-driven approach to gaming, inviting a diverse array of gamers to participate and contribute. Blockchain technology stands at the heart of this transformative journey, offering a secure, transparent platform for transactions and interactions within the gaming world. Today, SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network,  is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with HatchyVerse, marking the launch of Hatchy Rampage! 

HatchyVerse is an ecosystem powered by decentralized IP, aiming to redefine the gaming industry. It is designed as a generator and distributor of resources and experiences, fostering an environment of open brand ownership and development resource accessibility. With a focus on incentivizing creativity and product development, HatchyVerse is on a path to becoming a top IP in the gaming sector. Hatchy Rampage, the first game to debut from this partnership, introduces players to a dynamic mobile action game where strategy, fun, and blockchain innovation collide.

The partnership with SKALE was a strategic decision driven by HatchyVerse's ambition to lower the entry barrier to the Ethereum ecosystem. SKALE's commitment to a gas-free ecosystem aligns perfectly with HatchyVerse's core principle of accessibility for all. By reducing transaction costs to zero, particularly in the realms of NFT collectibles and on-chain gaming, SKALE removes financial hurdles for users, making the gaming experience more enjoyable and inclusive. Additionally, SKALE's EVM compatability and developer support system provides HatchyVerse with the tools needed to flourish in the early stages of development, promising a mutually beneficial relationship that fuels growth for all involved.

"We believe in transitioning into a more balanced society where open resources and private endeavors coexist harmoniously. The partnership with SKALE amplifies our ability to achieve this vision, offering a fairer, more accessible gaming ecosystem. Our journey with Hatchy Rampage is just the beginning," says Sol Omayoglu, Co-Founder of HatchyVerse.

The launch of Hatchy Rampage is a milestone not just for SKALE and HatchyVerse, but for the entire gaming community. As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite gamers, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts alike to join us in exploring the vast, vibrant world of Hatchy Rampage. Experience the future of gaming today, where innovation, community, and fun converge in a spectacular blockchain-powered adventure.

Discover the new frontier of gaming with SKALE and HatchyVerse. Hatchy Rampage awaits – are you ready to dive in?

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