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December 6, 2022

A SKALE November Lookback | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Despite the turbulent crypto market conditions, SKALE persevered with record-breaking numbers in November! Even in this bear market, SKALE had 12,216,722 transactions and $306,345,011 saved in gas fees this last month! Let’s take a look back at everything SKALE accomplished this month! 


Building on SKALE…

Pocketful of Quarters is building on SKALE and we’re pumped! Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) is a player and developer oriented technology company focused on interoperability and transitioning video games from servers to blockchain. Pocketful of Quarters aims to empower players and offer cross platform interoperability to transform the games industry. Backed by an all-star team of investors and advisors like Tim Draper (Draper Associates), Michelle Phan (Co-Founder of Ipsy), and Chris Cross (Formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, THQ, EA, and DreamWorks Interactive). 

NFT Moon Metaverse, is a world that allows companies and individuals to maximize their goals and desires, and they’re building on SKALE! NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi-blockchain universe where a person can create a new life. The main task is to make the planet come to life by building avatars, houses, objects, cities, and countries.

While the SKALEverse continues to expand into gaming and NFTs, we are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Elsewhere, a metaverse platform that bridges web3 communities with the rest of the internet community! Elsewhere allows users to host virtual meetings and conferences, celebrate events like launch parties or intimate get-togethers, and discord hangouts with colleagues, friends, or peers in the blockchain industry. 

Live on SKALE!

On the theme of NFT November, NFTrade, an industry-leading decentralized NFT Marketplace, is now fully integrated and live on SKALE Calypso NFT Hub! Consumers everywhere can mint, swap, and sell NFTs with absolutely ZERO gas fees. NFTrade offers a fully decentralized multi-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform that indexes NFTs across all their supported chains. Initially, users can buy NFTs from collections dropped by our three premiere artists, Alejandro Glatt, Joshua Mays, and Wes Henry

Check out their artist spotlights on our blog page now to learn more about how they got the inspiration for their SKALE NFT collections. More artists are already in line to drop over the coming weeks!

Don’t know how to use NFTrade on SKALE? Here is a quick overview of the steps followed by a more detailed walkthrough of how to bridge from Ethereum Mainnet to the Calypso NFT Hub to use NFTrade.

OwnYourStream partners with Oxygen Esports

OwnYourStream, powered by SKALE, partnered with Oxygen Esports, the largest multi-title esports organization in New England, after their 2021 merger with Kraft Sports and Entertainment (New England Patriots, New England Revolution and Bob Kraft). As a part of the partnership, top esports players Censor, 2 Time Call of Duty National Champion, and TDawg will mint their favorite moments from their streams. All of this is made possible by OwnYourStream and the gasless SKALE Network!


Metaport has landed!

SKALE Metaport is a super fast, simple way for users to use the chain-to-chain bridging capabilities of the SKALE Network. SKALE has long understood that mass adoption requires the ability to marry the friendly UX of Web2 with the power of blockchain and decentralization. Dapp users now have a fast and simple way to move tokens of all sorts (ERC20, 721, and 1155) between SKALE Chains and between the Ethereum mainnet. This is all done in a simple interface that allows users to move their tokens and NFTs between chains in a few easy steps.

Want to understand the mechanics behind Metaport? Look at our Metaport Deep Dive for a breakdown of what Metaport is. 


SKALE Co-Founder and CEO Jack O’Holleran and the SKALE Labs Core Team were on-site at multiple web3 events interacting with the broader community! Check out some of the events that the team attended and or sponsored! 

ETH San Francisco 2022 

Thousands of developers and top minds attended ETHSF, Ethereum Foundation’s biggest ETH Dev gathering in the world.  It’s a place where creativity reigns as developers think about how Ethereum will change the face of money, finance, the web, ownership, how the software works, and even the distribution of societal power. SKALE was proud to be a sponsor, and the core team enjoyed chatting and connecting with the broader Ethereum community! SKALE gave away 20,000 in SKL prizes to 22 of the 28 projects submitted.

In addition, there were some fantastic presentations from folks like SKALE Co-Founder and CEO Jack O'Holleran, who gave a keynote address, Head of Solutions Engineering John Frost, and Software Engineer Sawyer Cutler. 

ETH Lisbon 2022 

In a show of our commitment to helping bring more hackers into the ecosystem, SKALE was proud to sponsor three scholarships for this year’s ETH Lisbon Hackathon. One of SKALE’s scholarship reward recipients, Franco Petrazzini (Twitter:, built Eru. Eru is a music layer to enable devs to create tools and help melomaniacs and fans compose, remix, and share music in an open and interoperable way. Check out our blog to learn more about this project and the event! 

Token 2049 London

Token 2049 London brought together founders and executives of leading Web3 companies worldwide to share their views on the market. SKALE Co-Founder and CEO Jack O’Holleran provided his expertise and insight on the Exploring Blockchain Scaling Solutions panel, with fellow market leaders Omar Yehia (Partner, C Squared Ventures), Uri Kolodny (Co-Founder and CEO, Starkware) and Alex Gluchwoski (Co-Founder and CEO, Matter Labs). Check out the full panel video on our blog now! 

SKALE Ambassador Program

We are ecstatic to announce that the SKALE Ambassador Program has refreshed its structures, faces, and functionalities! Learn more about our 15+ languages from around the world! 

Are you interested in joining SKALE's Ambassador Program? Go here to apply!


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