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November 24, 2022

How to Use NFTrade on SKALE | SKALE

SKALE Network

NFTrade Launches on SKALE Calypso NFT Hub

SKALE is excited to announce that NFTrade, a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace, is officially expanding into the SKALEverse as the first partner to go live on Calypso, the SKALE NFT Hub!

End-users, creators, and developers can now access NFTs from all throughout the SKALEverse in one place on the Calypso NFT Hub enabling anyone to mint, swap, and sell NFTs with absolutely ZERO gas fees.

How to Use NFTrade on SKALE

Here is a quick overview of the steps followed by a more detailed walkthrough of how to bridge from Ethereum Mainnet to the Calypso NFT Hub in order to use NFTrade.

Quick Overview of Steps

  • Get sFUEL for both Calypso (NFT Hub) and Europa (Liquidity Hub) at the same time at the sFUEL Station
  • Bridge your ETH from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Europa Hub via Ruby.Exchange 
  • Use Metaport Widget on Ruby.Exchange to transfer your ETH from Europa to Calypso NFT Hub 
  • Connect to NFTrade on the SKALE Calypso NFT Hub

Step 1: Get sFUEL which allows for FREE transactions on the SKALE Network 

  1. Visit the sFUEL Station and connect your wallet (MetaMask, Wallet Connect, etc) to prefill your address into the address form.
  1. Click Fuel Wallet to claim your free sFUEL and automatically receive sFUEL for both Europa and Calypso hubs. 

Step 2: Bridge ETH to Europa Hub via Ruby.Exchange

Europa Hub is the entry point for tokens (e.g., ETH, SKL, USDC) onto the SKALE Network.

  1. Visit Ruby.Exchange and Select BRIDGE from the navigation bar
  2. Verify your wallet is connected to Ethereum Mainnet 
  3. Verify FROM shows ‘Ethereum‘
  4. Verify TO shows ‘Europa Hub’ and TRANSFER

Now you can quickly and easily bridge your ETH to SKALE Europa Hub!

Step 3: Send your ETH from the Europa Hub to the Calypso NFT hub with the SKALE METAPORT Widget

After bridging your ETH to Europa, the final step is to send your ETH to the Calypso NFT Hub. 

  1. Click the [ ⚡︎ ] icon in the top right of the page to open the METAPORT Widget 
  2. Select EUROPA HUB as the CURRENT CHAIN 
  4. Enter the amount of ETH you want to send to Calypso 
  5. Click WRAP and then Click TRANSFER

Once transactions are complete, you've successfully bridged to Calypso!

Step 4: Connect to NFTrade 

Once your Calypso SKALE Chain wallet is funded with ETH, you are ready to connect to NFTrade and start browsing. 

  1. Visit the NFTrade home page
  2. Click the wallet icon in the top right to connect your Web3 wallet
  3. Make sure SKALE is selected from the dropdown to add and/or switch to the SKALE Network

You are now ready to start trading NFTs with ZERO gas fees on SKALE! 

Head over to NFTrade and begin collecting now.

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