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November 10, 2022

Elsewhere to integrate SKALE into their metaverse platform | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

While the SKALEverse continues to expand into gaming and NFTs, we are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Elsewhere, a metaverse platform that bridges web3 communities with the rest of the internet community! 

What is Elsewhere? 

Elsewhere is a place for your community to evolve beyond a group chat. Elsewhere is a 2D Metaverse inspired by nostalgic video games such as Zelda and Donkey Kong that features built-in support for voice and video chat. It bridges Web3 communities with the rest of the internet, encouraging wallet connect with custom avatars and a guest mode option that allows login via Gmail. 

What does Elsewhere offer users?

Elsewhere offers token-gating (both at the space level and room level) that enables communities to create curated experiences to explore and collect NFTs, and collaborate through interactive games and clever building capabilities. 

How will Elsewhere integrate into the SKALE Network?

On November 18th, Elsewhere will launch the first “Masks of the Ancients Pixel Gallery”  inside of SKALE’s dedicated Delph’s Table Pixel Metaverse. This event will introduce 10 unique Masks for the event. Invited users are welcome to explore the pixel art with an opening ceremony and join a Delph’s Table gaming session with members of the SKALE core team.

“Elsewhere is thrilled to partner with SKALE. From the onset of the partnership it has been clear that SKALE is one of the most dedicated, engaged, and innovative communities in Web3 with the only scalable, zero-gas fee solution for blockchain applications looking to scale.”

-Paul Sawaya, Founder & CEO - Elsewhere

How can the SKALE community use Elsewhere?

Elsewhere offers users the ability to: 

  • Host virtual meetings and conferences
  • Celebrate events, such as launch parties or intimate get together’s 
  • Discord hangouts with colleagues, friends, or peers in the blockchain industry 

Upcoming Community Event 

To kick-off this partnership, come play Delph’s Table with Topper Bowers (founder of Delph’s Table) and the SKALE Labs Core team in Elsewhere on November 18th! One lucky participant will win a Crypto Colosseum mask NFT for free.

Event Details

Date: November 18th, 2022

Time: 12:00pm EST/ 9:00am PST


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