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November 15, 2022

Reintroducing SKALE's Global Ambassadors

SKALE Network

We are ecstatic to announce that the SKALE Ambassador Program has refreshed its structures, faces, and functionalities! Additionally, we are thrilled to re-introduce some familiar faces who have been with us since the program’s inception. These talented and passionate individuals engage with the SKALEverse community and continue to educate the broader blockchain community about SKALE worldwide. Please join us in introducing SKALE’s Ambassadors by checking out the complete list below! 

SKALE Africa

Telegram | Twitter

Africa Ambassador: DonaldRalph

Donald, one of SKALE’s original ambassadors since 2021, is a Nigerian engineering student and proclaimed tech geek who is passionate about blockchain technology. He is studying to become a blockchain programmer and wants to change his country's modern-day industries and day-to-day actions through blockchain technology. According to Donald, "[blockchain] is here to stay. Its footprint will change how bankers bank, workers work, and even mothers do groceries."

Africa Ambassador: Anikys3reasure

AnikyBee, one of SKALE’s original ambassadors since 2021, is a crypto/blockchain enthusiast from Nigeria who has embraced blockchain's potential for the last four years. She started as a blogger on Steemit (introduced to the platform by an online friend), which led to her research and analysis of other crypto projects. She fell in love with the technology because of the financial freedom & decentralization it offers to everyone from anywhere in the world. Today, AnikyBee is a part of many crypto projects as an ambassador, content developer, graphics designer, and support.

SKALE Arabic

Telegram | Twitter

Arabic Ambassador: MostafaMohamedGamal

Mostafa Lotfy, one of SKALE’s original ambassadors since 2021, is from Egypt and has five years of experience in community management and translation. His goal is to educate and enrich people from the Arab world about blockchain. He always strives to work with distinguished projects that provide use cases for the user. Mostafa sees SKALE as one of those unique projects because it offers zero gas fees, solves the scalability problem, and maintains decentralization and security.

SKALE Chinese 

Telegram | Twitter

Chinese Ambassador: Jialei12138

Jia Lei is from China and is a professional software developer. He is one of SKALE’s original Ambassadors and has continued contributing to the project’s development through community outreach and education.

SKALE French

Telegram | Twitter 

French Ambassador: BerryBrains

Berry is a West African and speaks English and French. She is a content creator, community manager, and web3 marketer with over three years of experience in the blockchain industry. She has been with SKALE since 2021 and is grateful for an opportunity to be amidst great minds as she sharpens her skills and strengthens her career in the crypto space. She is a great team player, optimistic, and aims to contribute her quota toward the global adoption of blockchain technology.

SKALE German

Twitter | Telegram

German Ambassador: Flensmann

Flensmann, one of SKALE’s newest ambassadors, is a well-recognized individual within the SKALEverse community who we are pleased to have as part of the program! He is a market communication manager at a local energy supplier in Germany with almost 10 years of experience in EDIFACT-messaging as well as customer support. He came to web3 after his first experiences with Bitcoin and "altcoins".  Flensmann.eth knows that blockchain technology will overtake server based internet in the future. He says, "SKALE is Ethereum’s weapon of mass adoption."

SKALE Indonesia

Telegram | Twitter

Indonesia Ambassador: Masfaii

As a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Masfaii is very interested in exploring the possibilities of this technology. The potential for this technology to transform business and life as we know it is a big reason why he’s working hard to spread blockchain and cryptocurrency education to the broader public. 

He has been a part of the SKALE Ambassador Program since 2021. He believes in bringing billions of people into the "SKALEVERSE" and continues to help educate his community about SKALE.

Indonesia Ambassador: Nowack_MST

Starting as an airdrop and bounty hunter, Matt became a full-time cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is one of SKALE’s original ambassadors and helped build the SKALE Indonesia community with Masfaii. Outside of SKALE’s Ambassador Program, he currently works with several websites writing the latest cryptocurrency news and updates. Additionally, he serves several cryptocurrency projects as a community manager, promoter, and ambassador in Indonesia.


Telegram | Twitter

India Ambassador: Jitendra

Jitendra, a blockchain enthusiast, works as a community builder and ambassador for innovative blockchain projects like SKALE. He initially stumbled upon Bitcoin in 2016 and found it interesting after diving into a rabbit hole of research. Since then, he has been active in the blockchain space and does his best to educate the community whenever possible. Jitendra is now creating content, organizing events, blockchain clubs and communities, networking, and other activities to spread awareness of blockchain projects in his region.

SKALE Polish

Telegram | Twitter | Medium

Polish Ambassador: Andrzej_0xa0

Andrzej is running crypto ultra-marathons. Running crypto? What does it mean? 

He loves running long distances and exploring cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech at the same time. He had worked for a big tech company for nearly 15 years before he started his own journey focused on crypto, running, and YouTube content creation. He has been doing it for the past 5 years and is pretty happy with how it goes all together. 

Initially, Andrzej had rejected the concept of Bitcoin many times, but in 2017, got more serious about it and finally started to study the tech and implications deeper—spending several months learning how it works e2e, to finally realize that there is huge potential hidden behind crypto and blockchain tech, not only as a currency, but also as a platform for decentralized computation. He understood that it opens the gates for many new business models, which can be built on top of these decentralized networks. 

Andrzej is fascinated with how SKALE is approaching the challenge of scaling Ethereum, zero gas fees model, and how it helps improve the overall user experience in Crypto. He finds the concept of virtualized subnodes in SKALE to be pretty unique, and all of that makes him eager to support SKALE development and adoption.

SKALE Finnish

Telegram | Twitter

Finish Ambassador: Nigulas

Based in Finland, Nikolas has a passion for electronics and the tech around blockchains. His journey started ten years ago when he tried mining bitcoins with an HD 6990 graphics card. The insanely loud card made 5 dollars per night back then, and from there, Nikolas has closely followed various projects. Two years ago, he stumbled upon Skale Network for the first time and was impressed by its tech and possibilities. He is now studying as an IT engineer and learning Solidity to move on completely, working with Web3.

SKALE Russian Language

Twitter | Telegram

Ambassador: Yefu

Evgeny is from Russia but has lived in China for 13 years. He works in the field of international transportation between Russia and China.

Evgeny started learning about cryptocurrency back in 2017. He is known for immersing himself in new technologies and found blockchain very interesting. He has participated in many projects, but one of the most interesting is SKALE. Evgeny is one of SKALE’s original ambassadors and likes how the SKALE Labs core team is passionate about what they do, supporting the development of the SKALE Network and striving to reach all the summits.

SKALE Spanish

Telegram | Twitter | Medium

Spanish Ambassador: Michsoftster

Michael, one of SKALE’s newest ambassadors, is a Computer Engineer from Mexico with experience in video game development and XR technologies. He started his journey on web3 development with an emphasis on gaming, metaverse, and ReFi. Michael believes blockchain technology will make a significant impact on society. He is excited about SKALE because of its novel technology and vision to help the massive adoption of blockchain.

SKALE Sri Lankan

Telegram | Twitter

Sri Lankan Ambassador: Dilipishara

Since 2015, Dilip has helped numerous crypto projects by providing consultancy services to projects focusing on marketing, PR, and communications. In addition to being one of the original SKALE Ambassadors, he is also an internet marketing and communication expert with 5+ years of experience. He first started his career as an internet marketer. Since joining the crypto community, he has become a leading community manager and internet marketer in Sri Lanka. 

SKALE Turkish

Telegram | Twitter

Turkish Ambassador: Emretfa

Emre is one of SKALE’s original ambassadors who helped grow the SKALE Turkish community since 2021. For the last six years, the opportunities of decentralization cryptocurrencies presented in Turkey have intrigued him.He first learned about SKALE in 2019 and has always appreciated how SKALE is not an "ETH killer," Instead, it has an even broader scale to work with Ethereum and be a Web3 cloud.

SKALE Vietnamese

Telegram | Twitter

Vietnamese Ambassador: Nntihun

Diu is one of SKALE’s original ambassadors who has helped grow the SKALE Vietnamese community since 2021. He enjoys learning about the latest crypto news and educating people about SKALE. 

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