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April 16, 2024

World Play League Partners with SKALE Network to Bring Player-Owned Game Platform On-Chain | SKALE

SKALE Network

Imagine a gaming world where every player is also an owner, where every move you make is enhanced by cutting-edge technology, tailored to your preferences, and free from the typical constraints of cost and speed. This vision is swiftly becoming a reality as SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, is pleased to announce that World Play League (WPL), the world's first player-owned game platform, is now building on the SKALE Network. This partnership is set to transform the gaming industry, creating an environment where gamers and developers thrive together in a symbiotic ecosystem.

World Play League and SKALE Network: Bringing Blockchain Gaming to the Masses

World Play League is empowering players and addressing the key challenges faced by game studios, particularly in acquiring and retaining players. The WPL ecosystem, featuring AI analytics, an adaptive ad network, targeted publishing, and a global leaderboard, is meticulously designed to foster a sense of ownership and engagement among its users. By partnering with SKALE, known for its zero gas fees and instant transaction finality, WPL is poised to enhance these offerings, making gaming more accessible and enjoyable.

The integration with SKALE's blockchain is a strategic move for WPL. This collaboration will not only improve WPL's existing services but also pave the way for future projects to build on SKALE, enhancing the ecosystem and increasing utility for all stakeholders. For SKALE, the addition of WPL's diverse game catalog and extensive player base bolsters its position as a top blockchain for gaming.

SKALE's blockchain stands out for its remarkable capabilities, including handling over a million transactions a day and supporting some of the top-ranked games in daily usage. These features make SKALE an invaluable partner for WPL, enabling the latter to divert more resources toward game development and player engagement instead of managing transaction costs and complexities.

Reflecting on the partnership, Peter Tomala, CEO of World Play League, expressed his excitement: "We're extremely excited to be partnering with SKALE and bringing our player-owned game platform and catalog of games to the blockchain. SKALE's commitment to making web3 gaming more accessible and cost-efficient for developers and players aligned perfectly with our vision at WPL."

As this partnership unfolds, it marks a significant step forward in the evolution of blockchain gaming, setting new standards for what games can offer and how they can create real value for their players. Both World Play League and SKALE Network are not just responding to the current demands of the gaming community; they are actively shaping its future, promising a new era of gaming that is more engaging, inclusive, and thrilling than ever before.

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