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May 28, 2024

The Last Monarchy Partners with SKALE Network to Bring Zero Gas Fees to Web3 Strategy Gaming

SKALE Network

From the golden days of Age of Empires and Civilization, strategy games have captivated players with their blend of tactical depth and historical immersion. These games have not only provided countless hours of entertainment but also served as educational tools, teaching players about historical events and strategic thinking. As we stand on the cusp of a new era in gaming, the integration of blockchain technology promises to to push these experiences to unprecedented heights. Enter The Last Monarchy, a web3 strategy game that that brings back nostalgia for these timeless classics and is now embracing the future by partnering with SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, to launch on the gas-free network!

The Last Monarchy distinguishes itself by its rigorous commitment to historical authenticity, setting it apart in the web3 gaming realm. Unlike other strategy games that often blend fantasy elements, The Last Monarchy meticulously recreates historical civilizations, offering an immersive journey all generations love and cherish. This dedication to historical accuracy, combined with the innovative use of blockchain technology, creates a unique and engaging gaming experience.

The Last Monarchy and SKALE Team Up to Bring Blockchain to Usher Blockchain into Strategy Gaming Sector

Choosing SKALE as their blockchain partner was a decision driven by SKALE's unparalleled scalability, low latency, and zero gas fees. These features are crucial for delivering a seamless gaming experience, ensuring that players can enjoy lag-free interactions and in-game transactions. By leveraging SKALE's high throughput and elastic sidechains, The Last Monarchy can support large-scale player interactions and efficiently handle high transaction volumes, paving the way for a smooth and engaging gameplay experience.

This partnership is set to benefit not only The Last Monarchy but also the broader SKALE ecosystem. By showcasing the potential of SKALE's technology in a complex, high-stakes gaming environment, The Last Monarchy sets a precedent for future projects, demonstrating how SKALE's robust infrastructure can support diverse and demanding applications. This collaboration will undoubtedly attract more developers to SKALE, fostering innovation and growth within the network.

The Benefits of SKALE

When it came to choosing a blockchain, SKALE was the obvious choice for The Last Monarchy for the following reasons: 

  1. Zero Gas Fees: SKALE eliminates the financial barriers often associated with blockchain transactions, allowing players to onboard seamlessly and fully immerse themselves in the game without worrying about transaction costs.
  1. Instant Finality: Transactions on SKALE are confirmed almost instantly, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.
  1. World's Fastest Blockchain Network: With over two million transactions per day, SKALE stands as the fastest blockchain network, capable of handling the high demands of a large player base.
  1. High Throughput: SKALE supports large-scale interactions, making it ideal for games that require frequent and complex transactions.
  1. App-specific chains: These provide the flexibility and scalability needed to accommodate growing user bases and evolving gameplay dynamics, ensuring that the game can expand without compromising performance.

By leveraging these advantages, The Last Monarchy is poised to offer a groundbreaking web3 strategy gaming experience that combines historical authenticity with the benefits of blockchain technology.

"With a deep-rooted passion for strategy gaming and a decade-long journey in the blockchain space, I'm excited to integrate SKALE's robust technology into The Last Monarchy. SKALE's high performance and zero gas fees are critical for providing a seamless and cost-effective gaming experience. This partnership is key to creating an engaging and user-friendly environment, particularly for players transitioning from web2 to web3." 

- Sandro Licul, Co-Founder & CBDO of The Last Monarchy

The collaboration between The Last Monarchy and SKALE Network marks a significant milestone in the evolution of strategy gaming. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, this partnership promises to deliver an immersive and historically authentic gaming experience that is both engaging and accessible. As The Last Monarchy gears up for its Public Early Access in May 2024, the future of web3 strategy gaming looks brighter than ever.

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