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October 5, 2023

Tank Wars Zone Launches on SKALE! Bringing A New Twist on a Nostalgic Game | SKALE

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From the early days of calculator games to the modern era of blockchain gaming, tank games have always held a special place in the hearts of gamers. Tank Wars Zone, a name that has become synonymous with innovation in the blockchain gaming realm, is set to take another monumental leap. Previously launched on the Fantom Network, Tank Wars Zone is now live and making its grand entry onto the SKALE Network, the world's fastest blockchain network.

Tank Wars Zone is a blockchain-based tank battle game that promises gamers not just entertainment but also opportunities to be rewarded for their time played. With game modes ranging from PvE, PvP, World Boss Battle, Guild Wars, to Battle Royale, it offers a diverse gaming experience. The game also boasts unique features like a lending system, garage, metaverse expansion, and more. 

Why choose to launch on SKALE? The answer lies in the game's vision and SKALE's capabilities. The blockchain gaming industry, as reported by Forbes, has seen a staggering 2,000% growth in the past year, pulling in investments north of $2.5 billion. However, the barrier to entry costs remains a concern and gas fees remain a major point of friction. Tank Wars Zone, with its commitment to offering low-cost entry, found its perfect match in SKALE’s free transactions with instant finality. 

SKALE's uniqueness isn't just about speed; it's about revolutionizing the blockchain experience. Over the past three months, SKALE has witnessed over 20 million transactions each month, a testament to its robustness and reliability. Moreover, its rise as a top 10 chain in terms of daily unique active wallets and on-chain transactions showcases its growing popularity and trust within the community.

One of the standout features of SKALE is its zero gas fees. In a world where transaction costs can often deter users from engaging with blockchain platforms, SKALE eliminates this barrier, ensuring that users can interact with the blockchain without the worry of prohibitive costs. This is particularly beneficial for games like Tank Wars Zone, where frequent transactions are the norm. Additionally, SKALE boasts instant finality, ensuring that gameplay remains smooth and uninterrupted.

"We are thrilled to bring Tank Wars Zone to SKALE. This collaboration promises immense benefits for our communities. SKALE's EVM compatibility, zero gas fees, and the enthusiastic support from the Skale Labs team align perfectly with our vision for the game," says Andy Hoang, CMO of Tank Wars Zone.

For those eager to dive into the Tank Wars Zone experience, the game offers a range of NFTs, which can be procured here. Once you've secured your NFTs, you can check them out here. Ready to play? Dive into the game here. For a complete marketplace experience, visit this link.

So come join in a true gaming experience that harks back to the nostalgia of early tank games while offering the cutting-edge features of modern blockchain gaming. Join the revolution, and let's reshape the future of gaming together!

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