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December 19, 2023

Spells of Genesis: The New Era of Mobile Gaming Now Live on SKALE | SKALE

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Spells of Genesis on SKALE: Transforming Gaming on the World's Fastest Blockchain Network with Zero Gas Fees

In the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming, trading card games on smartphones have captivated millions. Yet, these games often lack a crucial element: real asset ownership. Spells of Genesis is set to change this. And today, SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, is proud to announce that Spells of Genesis is now live and playable on the SKALE Network!

Spells of Genesis merges the strategic elements of Trading Card Games with the action of arcade games, offering an engaging and multifaceted gameplay experience. What sets it apart is its approach to digital assets. Since its inception in 2015, Spells of Genesis has been at the forefront of integrating True Ownership of Digital Assets, allowing players to fully control their tokenized cards. The game's three unique NFT collections have not only provided entertainment but also significant value as collectibles, evident in its strong market presence and high user ratings.

The partnership with SKALE is a strategic alliance for Spells of Genesis. SKALE's distinctive feature set, including zero gas fees and near-instant transaction finality, makes it an ideal platform for this type of application. Its modular design enables Spells of Genesis to customize its blockchain infrastructure, enhancing the gaming experience. SKALE's EVM compatibility allows the game to run more efficiently, providing a smooth, scalable, and cost-effective environment for players.

Shaban Shaame, the brain behind Spells of Genesis, expresses his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled about the prospect of taking decentralization to new heights. With SKALE, we are able to extend its capabilities even further by integrating an EVM directly into the backend of Spells of Genesis. This innovative step allows us to surpass traditional database limitations, embracing the power of EVMs and their scalability, paving the way for future development and innovation in blockchain gaming.”

Eager to explore the world of Spells of Genesis? Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to digital collectibles, the game promises a captivating and rewarding experience. Begin your adventure today and be part of the evolution of gaming and NFTs.

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