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May 4, 2022

SKALE V2: The SKALEverse Phase 2 Rollout Commences Tomorrow

Jack O'Holleran
Co-Founder & CEO

V2 has been successfully upgraded! We will now commence Phase 2 of the V2 Rollout. 8 new SKALE Chains will be deployed starting tomorrow.

Today marks the moment that SKALE evolves from a network of siloed L2 chains to a high performance modular L1 hybrid network of scalable interconnected blockchains.

From a logistics perspective, we currently have 12 chains live and as of this writing we’re commencing the process of launching 8 new chains over the next two weeks bringing the grand total to 20 SKALE Chains.  We expect to have over 30 chains live by mid-June with a mix of hubs, dapp chains and community chains (where multiple dapps are sharing a single chain).

To put this into perspective, there will be more SKALE Chains live in two weeks than all other major EVM Networks combined. This is particularly valuable in a world where EVM capacity is at a premium as monolithic Layer 1 chains are filling up and being forced to raise fees or suffer serious performance issues. Competitive multichain networks to SKALE are also very far behind. The largest competitive multichain network to SKALE now has only 11 live parachains and the majority of Mulitchain Networks have zero live product and are forward marketing in lieu of having any real tech. SKALE has a strong first mover advantage for Multichain Modular EVM blockchains. We are proud to see 20 SKALE chains live by the end of May.

Seeding the field for growth is the first step. Dapps and Hubs will soon go live on these new chains. This is just the beginning.  

Over the coming weeks, we’re excited to see the rollout of the Europa liquidity hub, being led by the team, as well as the NFT driven AMM. This will be closely followed by the NFT Hub, which you’ll hear more about and the first of our Dapps, which we’re excited to announce (think play to earn game). The community has been incredibly supportive and patient as we undertake this massive and complex effort at building the infrastructure for the decentralized Web3 of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more!

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