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October 10, 2023

SKALE Q3 2023 Engineering Update | SKALE

SKALE Network

In bidding farewell to the third quarter of 2023, SKALE Labs presents a comprehensive engineering recap, on the notable progress achieved during this period. This retrospective delves into the latest advancements that are improving the architecture of the SKALE Network, with a particular focus on enhancing performance, stability, and the overall user experience.

SKALE 2.2 Release in QA stage

In the pursuit of delivering top-notch infrastructure for high-performance decentralized dApps, the SKALE 2.2 release is in the final QA stages. The 2.2 update centers around optimizing performance and bolstering the stability of dApps on the network. Improvements include:

Improvements in Stability & Memory Usage for high-performance dApps

DApps pushing SKALE to its limits required some optimizations to the performance of their SKALE Chains. This was achieved by updating the LevelDB version to the latest version (1.22), resulting in reducing storage consumption by 40% and accelerating data import processes by making them 3.85 times faster

Improved Node Rotation

The SKALE core architecture has been improved to minimize the risk of chain downtime during node rotation. Whether it's insufficient chain wallet balance or unsent broadcasts, the network is covered.

IMA Optimization for Enhanced dApp Performance

IMA optimizations were implemented, introducing multi-call support, parallel queue processing, and faster detection and BLS signing of IMA messages.

Development Started on SKALE 2.3 Release

Looking ahead, the SKALE developer community is already hard at work on the SKALE 2.3 release. The primary focus is to update compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine JSON-RPC API, smoothing out minor incompatibilities for more streamlined development and deployment process. Additionally, there will be improvements to validator services by releasing an automated IP change protocol, simplifying operation of the network. Some key updates in the 2.3 release encompass:

Expanded Transaction Broadcasting

You can now broadcast transactions on sync and archive nodes, enabling not only calls but also transactions to be mined on the SKALE Chain.

Flexible Contract Deployment Management

A new SKALE Chain contract deployment process offers greater flexibility in managing whitelisting for contract deployment, ensuring more tailored control.

Metaport 2.0 Release

Metaport 2.0, the UI layer of the IMA Bridge, marks a significant milestone in optimizing user interaction and experience. This update introduces RainbowKit, streamlining the account connection process and facilitating multichain transfers. 

Notable improvements include:

Rainbow Kit Integration

This update incorporated RainbowKit, facilitating a unified account connection procedure and enabling multichain transfers, allowing users to perform routed transfers with greater flexibility and convenience.

Revamped User Interface

A sleeker user interface enhances the overall usability, reducing the need for network switches, and allowing users to preview transfers and balances before wallet connection.

Technical Refinements

Underlying technical enhancements provide increased stability and performance, ensuring a smoother experience.

Block Explorer Stabilization‍

Due to SKALE’s ability to generate extremely high transaction loads (up to 400TPS per chain), the initial versions of the block explorer experienced some lag in reporting blocks. A new, more stable upgrade to the block explorer was released and the reliability of high-load chains. Block explorers for Exorde chain, Cryptoblades Chain, and the Europa Hub  were migrated to this new block explorer version. 

Upgraded SKALE Stats Collector

On the SKALE stats page, on-chain metrics such as users, transactions, gas fees saved, and other stats are displayed for the community to monitor. The stats page is now updated every 15 mins, thanks to a development that led to a faster and more precise way to collect statistics from SKALE Chains. All 20 chains’ data were reindexed and the historical stats were recalculated and QA'd to ensure accuracy. Keep an eye on the fast growth of SKALE on the stats page!

SKALE Dashboards on DUNE Analytics‍

In the quest for transparency and accessibility, the SKALE developer community created a DUNE dashboard for SKALE Network. This dashboard provides open insight into validators, delegators, SKALE chains, node rotation, and more. Explore the SKALE Dune dashboard here for a deeper understanding of our network's operational metrics.

SKALE Chaos Testnet on Remix

SKALE Chaos Testnet has recently been added as a pre-defined network option on the Remix IDE. Beginners and experts alike can take advantage of one of the most popular tools to ever hit the Ethereum ecosystem while building on SKALE with minimal friction. Grab a little sFUEL, visit Remix, and begin deploying contracts in minutes on SKALE!

As the third quarter of 2023 draws to a close, the SKALE Network reflects on a series of remarkable advancements that have been made to elevate its performance, stability, and user experience. These developments offer a glimpse into the promising future of SKALE, where innovation and enhancement continue to drive progress in the decentralized ecosystem. Stay tuned for upcoming innovations and improvements that will further define the SKALE Network's evolving landscape especially in gaming and high performance dapps. .

Go here to learn about developing on SKALE with this quick start documentation guide.


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as ML/AI smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, and enhanced security features.

The SKALE network enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse.

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