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February 13, 2020

BUIDLing in Colorado: The SKALE Guide to ETHDenver | SKALE

Christine Perry
VP Solutions Engineering

ETHDenver will forever remain special for SKALE. It was at ETHDenver 2019 where SKALE launched its DevNet to Ethereum developers — showcasing a secure and configurable Layer 2 scalability solution for powering their dApps with low latency, higher throughput, faster commit times, and drastically lower costs.

In the one year since, SKALE has continued to be at the biggest Ethereum hackathons where it proved to be an important component of the decentralized stack. SKALE had a total of over 60 submissions in a wide range of verticals from games, art, and collectibles to tools and plug-ins, DeFi, marketplaces, and legal contracts to credentialing, transparency, media, and even ML-supported applications. Developers have also praised how easy it is to deploy to SKALE, which takes only a few lines of code, and how building on SKALE “feels just like being on the Ethereum MainNet, but faster,” since SKALE is full Solidity and completely interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem. The network supports the major Ethereum dev tools (Truffle, Web3.js, Remix), token standards (ETH, ERC-20, ERC-721), and wallets (Fortmatic, Bitski, Metamask, Portis, Torus) for a frictionless development experience.

Hackathon Ideas and Bounties

After releasing the DevNet a year ago at ETHDenver, SKALE is back to again sponsor this year’s event ahead of the project’s highly-anticipated main network launch. SKALE is offering ETHDenver 2020 hackers bounties worth $4,500 USD for up to 7 dApps that have incorporated functionalities of the SKALE stack — including interchain messaging, decentralized storage, computationally-performant full-state smart contracts that can even be used for machine learning, etc. The breakdown of winners and corresponding bounties will be as follows:

  • 2 winners of $1,000 in DAI
  • 5 winners of $500 in DAI

The SKALE Network is exceptionally suited for decentralized applications engaged in complex computation, which can leverage SKALE’s larger blocks and high gas Limit, or those that involve microtransactions, which can leverage SKALE’s subsecond blocktimes and zero to near-zero transactional gas costs. SKALE has previously published hack ideas revolving around these two broad application scenarios.

SKALE dApp Power Station and Event Missions

The 2020 ETHDenver BUIDLathon and Community Gathering on February 14-16 will feature the first in-event live video game Web3 application. Attendees will be treated to a gamified event experience where they can earn XP for participating in activities. The XP exist in your wallet as tokens, which function as part of an in-event reputation system and would qualify the holder to voting influence, rare swag, and other ETHDenver items and prizes that would include cool NFTs similar to this cute one.  

SKALE will put up a dApp Power Station, which you can find on the game map, for the duration of the hackathon. Hackers can power up their dApps with SKALE by:

1. Deploying to SKALE; and

2. Running their Solidity smart contracts, storing data, and/or integrating any token.

ETHDenver hackers this year will see what Ethereum hackathon participants all over the world have already learned throughout the past year — it’s virtually frictionless for Ethereum developers to build on or deploy any dApp to SKALE and enjoy as much as 1000x improvement in performance, as well as gain the capabilities enabled by the SKALE stack, for their dApps. The SKALE core team will be on-site to assist and guide hackers.

Together with the dApp Power Station, SKALE will run event game ‘missions’ that attendees can participate in to earn XP. There will also be ‘flash missions,’ which are time-sensitive and/or location-specific.

SKALE Workshop

Christine Perry, VP of Solutions Engineering at SKALE, will conduct a workshop on February 14, Friday, where she will — with a simple game she has developed using the Unity engine and has connected to SKALE — demonstrate the network’s core advantages and explain how to get started.

SKALE has seen impressively creative and innovative implementations across a wide spectrum of use cases come to life since DevNet was released a year ago at ETHDenver 2019. As SKALE comes full circle back to ETHDenver this year, with the SKALE MainNet launching soon, and even after the launch in Q2, this will remain the one constant — developers will continue to build amazing applications.

Bufficorns sure will in the coming days. And SKALE is excited to be there to power their creations.

See you at ETHDenver!

You are welcome to join the SKALE community on Discord and Twitter. Feel free to also check out the SKALE Network Whitepaper and visit our Dev Portal and Github. If you’re already working on a dApp, you can apply to the SKALE Innovator Program.

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The SKALE Innovator Program for developers includes grants, consulting, Marketing & PR, engineering support, QA support, and investor introductions.

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