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February 24, 2020

ETHDenver 2020 - How It Was | SKALE

Christine Perry
VP Solutions Engineering

ETHDenver highlights: ETH goes to space (literally) with AstroETH project, demo of a Unity game built on ETH+SKALE, SKALE coffee zone fuels the entire hackathon with over 2000 expresso-based drinks.

What an inspiring Hackathon in the Mile High City. Between incredible speakers -  Vitalik and  Laura Shin included - a complete interactive experience with lots of Web3 based experiments  and a handful of impressive projects, ETHDenver2020 will stay in our memories for a while.

Coffee zone

SKALE is proud to have sponsored and supported hackers with a key ingredient: caffeine. While SKALE was popular, the coffee made quite the splash.  

We are extremely grateful for the projects we saw and deeply impressed by the engineers that deployed on SKALE. The energetic ideas kept us up as much as the coffee did, as the days of the event kept getting longer the closer we all got to the finish line. The energy was on point. The hackers, our peers sponsoring, and the organizers alike all kept a smile on their faces regardless of their lack of sleep.

Jack O’Holleran speaking at the opening ceremony

SKALE’s founder Jack O'Holleran spoke at the opening ceremony. He shared his vision and explained why scalable solutions have such an important place in the industry. It was humbling to begin the event with a multitude of Ethereum community members and developers sharing their appreciation for our work.

Christine Perry demoed “KART”, a Unity game running on SKALE

SKALE’s  VP of Solutions engineering Christine Perry got a bit more playful, hosting a workshop showcasing the game she had built using Unity and running on SKALE.

So as you can imagine, we didn’t have a second for ourselves. SKALE’s engineers stayed until 2am to help hackers, and the team was constantly present at the busy booth, where hackers stopped by to share their dApps ideas and discuss their thoughts about layer 2.

It was great to see familiar faces, and meet some SKALE advocates face-to-face for the first time, after having only interacted online.

Video is available here

dApps built on SKALE

The most exciting part of the hackathon was of course to discover what hackers had built using SKALE. There were 19 requests for sidechains and some of the winners of the hackathon deployed on SKALE:

A little bit more about the projects:


Bound was one of the winning projects of the hackathon. The team won SKALE’s biggest bounty of $1,000 for their Patreon built on an out-of-the-box tokenized bonding curve. Fans purchase an artist's token and gain access to exclusive content. Artists take a fee on every token purchase/sale.

Check the demo here and check the code here.

2. Astroeth

The ASTROETH Team received $1000, also winning SKALE’s biggest bounty. Their team explains that "ASTROETH are special ERC20 that have taken the rainbow bridge of digital bits to the magical land of stars... only to be beamed at the freaking speed of light to a mesh of 66 other SATs (not satoshi's you nitwit... SATELLITES) anyhow, it makes it's way back to the normie internet and BAM... NOT JUST LEVEL2... but a whole other level."

3.  SKALE  url shortener

Tomar Saurav and his team got $500 for creating a URL shortener that runs on SKALE. Convenient if you are limited in your number of characters. For example "skale.now.sh/s?id=2" should redirect to "medium.com/ethdenver/ethdenver-2020-official-bounties-b8b41135d881". Give it a go.

The shortened URLs expand normally in all browsers and mobile devices (even those that do not support web3).

Nice to have local people building on SKALE! See the code here.

Thanks so much for the great event!

We spent time talking to hackers, looking at their projects and how they saw the future of the industry. It was great to see that many had plans to take their projects beyond the hackathon.

A big thank you to the hackers who worked around the clock to build world changing solutions, the organizers (who made this possible and did a great job at transforming the venue into a fun rainbow land), the sponsors (such as our friends at Fortmatic and ConsenSys), the speakers, and everyone who showed up!

Vitalik couldn’t have said it better: “I believe the industry is moving to the right direction and those who’ve stuck around are the ones who are really building the decentralized future”

Until the next hackathon!

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