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February 6, 2024

SKALE Ecosystem Recap - January 2024 | SKALE

SKALE Network

SKALE Hits a Record High 4.6 Million Monthly Users as Total UAWs Soar Past 10 Million 

January 2024 SKALE Stats

The SKALE community carried 2023’s momentum into 2024. SKALE saw over 4.6 Million UAWs in January, which is a new record for a single month. Gas fee savings showed no signs of slowing, with over $400 million saved for users. Additionally, January was the third consecutive month with over 30 million transactions!

SKALE hits all time high in monthly active users
Milestones - Surpassed 10 Million Users and $3 Billion Saved in Gas Fees
Tech - Chain Pricing Activation, Dune Dashboard & SKALE Portal Upgrades
Ecosystem - ReHold Adopts SKALE As Modular Data Availability Layer
Gas Free Gaming - MotoDex hits #1 on DappRadar and 5 Games Go Live

Keep reading to catch up with the latest exciting developments in the SKALE ecosystem!!


1) Surpassed 10M Users

SKALE is the blockchain for mass adoption, and the usage metrics support this. The ecosystem has surpassed 10 MILLION Total UAWs, an increase of 1000% from just one year ago! This rapid growth has positioned SKALE as a top 5 blockchain in UAWs and transactions and is a testament to SKALE’s gas-free architecture and UX solutions breaking down barriers to entry.

SKALE Celebrates 10M Users

2) Hit 3 Billion Total In Gas Savings 

In addition to surpassing 10 million users, SKALE has saved those users over $3 Billion in gas fees. SKALE has saved users more on gas costs than ANY other blockchain due to its gas-free infrastructure.

Chain Payments Live 

SKALE Chain pricing went live in early January, ushering in a new era of blockchain sustainability. Chain pricing is at the core of SKALE’s gas-free architecture. Instead of users paying gas fees, SKALE app-chain owners pay monthly chain subscription fees to validators, using SKL. This means free transactions for users! 

The first few SKALE Chain payments have been made already, totaling over 2 million SKL! Get a look at how SKALE chain owners make payments via the SKALE Portal.  

Tech Updates

1) SKALE Data Center Upgrades

The SKALE Data Center, powered by Dune, has played a significant role in increasing the accessibility of SKALE data. Last month, the SKALE developer community implemented some upgrades to the dashboard:

On-Chain Data for Individual SKALE Chains

Transactions, UAW, and gas savings can now be separated by each SKALE app chain!

The SKALE Dune Dashboard

Gas Saving Comparisons

You can now see how SKALE gas savings compare with 9 other EVM compatible chains/L2s

SKALE gas savings vs other blockchains

Decentralized Revenue Share Data

SKALE is Ethereum native - meaning certain computations such as node rotation, are processed on the Ethereum mainnet. This number represents contributions to Ethereum miners from the SKALE network, further growing the network. Explore the SKALE Data Center HERE

2) SKALE Portal 2.1 Upgrade

The SKALE Portal, which acts as an entry point to the SKALE ecosystem, underwent some big upgrades! It is now easier than ever to access Metaport Bridge, connect to all SKALE chains, and more. Explore the SKALE Portal here!

SKALE Portal 2.1 Upgrade

3) SKALE 2.2 Performance Release

The SKALE 2.2 release was pushed to mainnet in January and resulted in significant performance increases. Blocks are now mined 30% faster than before, and SKALE chains have recorded 100% uptime since the release!

Ecosystem Updates

1) Havens Compass Mint Out

Havens Compass, an FPS on Unreal Engine 5 in a futuristic world setting, minted out their Genesis NFT collection in less than 1 minute on SKALE! This makes it one of the first games on the Epic Games store to have NFT functionality. 

2) MotoDex Becomes the #1 Ranked Game On DappRadar

SKALE’s gas free architecture and seamless onboarding have propelled the racing game MotoDex to the #1 spot on DappRadar! The game has over 4.5 Million users that have transacted on-chain over 7 Million times, all for zero cost.

Motodex ranked the #1 game on dappradar

3) ReHold Adopts SKALE As A Modular Data Availability Layer

Rehold will leverage zero gas fees on SKALE to store actions from their protocol for long-term visibility, in addition to recurring actions such as limit orders and automatic repayments. ReHold will use a SKALE Chain as a modular public provability layer for their data. 

4) Ballers Studio

Ballers Studio’s hyper-casual flagship game, Baller City, is now live on SKALE!

5) Solo Network

Solo Network is aiming to make its platform the main gateway to the future of learning and employment and is now live on SKALE. 

6) Arena Games

Arena Games’ web3 gaming platform is designed to seamlessly transition traditional games into the web3 space, and are bringing their expertise to the SKALE ecosystem.

7) Interverse

Interverse Gaming launched its casual shooter game, Paradise Brawl on SKALE to provide a seamless gaming experience.

8) Life Games

Life Games is the first platform where users can wager the native token on skill-based PvP games, and is now live on SKALE!


1) SKALE Highlighted BGA x DappRadar Gaming 2023 Report

SKALE and several games in the ecosystem were highlighted in the recent report on blockchain gaming in 2023. SKALE was the 7th most popular blockchain for gaming, with 616K UAW! Read the full report here  

2) SKALE In BlockchainGamerBiz

BlockchainGamerBiz ranked SKALE #32 of all blockchain gaming companies! Check out the rest of the top 50 in their full article.

3) Jack O’Holleran on Base Layer Podcase

SKALE Labs Co-Founder/CEO Jack O'Holleran spoke with David Nage on the Base Layer podcast, where he explained SKALE's industry-leading unit economics. Listen to the full podcast here. 

Tech Reads: 

1) Chain Pricing Live

Discover how the SKALE Chain pricing model is implemented, offering a sustainable, zero gas fee system with a strategic three-phase economic plan.

2) Need for Decentralized AI

Explore AI's shift from centralization to decentralization, highlighting risks, innovations like SKALE, and the need for a fair, balanced tech future.

3) State of Ethereum Scalability

Ethereum's scalability explored: Discover Layer 2 solutions and SKALE's unique approach for enhanced throughput and reduced gas fees.

A Comparison of Ethereum scaling solution

Wrapping up an electrifying January, SKALE has once again raised the bar in the blockchain world. With milestones like hitting over 10 million UAWs and saving users a whopping $400 million in gas fees, it's clear SKALE’s momentum shows no signs of slowing. From tech upgrades that smooth the way for developers to gaming hits that players can't get enough of, the SKALE ecosystem is buzzing with activity. SKALE is not just keeping up; it's leading the way in blockchain innovation.


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, and enhanced security features.

The SKALE Network enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse.

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