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April 24, 2024

Powering the Future of Play: Earnscape Now Live on SKALE | SKALE

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As mobile gaming continues its upward trajectory, an increasing number of gamers are shifting their play to mobile devices. Statistics reveal that over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide prefer mobile platforms, reflecting the sector's rapid growth and the evolving preferences of gamers. This shift is not just a trend but a transformation in the gaming landscape, intertwining with cutting-edge blockchain technologies to offer gamers not just the chance to play, but the potential to earn. At the forefront of this evolution is Earnscape, a platform designed to enrich both the gamer and game developer experience, which is now live on SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network.

Announcing Earnscape on SKALE: A New Era for Mobile Gaming and Blockchain Integration

Earnscape operates as a mobile game launcher that integrates seamlessly with any game downloaded from the store, offering a unique proposition where gamers earn rewards for playing. These rewards are ingeniously designed to be redeemable in both web2 and web3 formats, appealing to a broad audience. Game developers benefit from increased visibility and player engagement through Earnscape's strategic game placements, which drives significant traffic and potential revenue. Earnscape's business model thrives on monthly service fees charged to game studios for game feature placements, along with a suite of additional services including organic marketing, anti-cheat mechanisms, and customized rewards solutions.

Choosing SKALE as a partner was strategic for Earnscape, given SKALE's specialized features that cater uniquely to blockchain gaming needs. The primary advantage SKALE offers Earnscape is its gasless transactions, which simplify the process of distributing rewards and handling NFTs without the need for hosting content on a server. This capability not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces operational costs, making the reward distribution seamless and economically feasible at scale.

SKALE is a blockchain network designed to accelerate the performance of decentralized applications with its unique infrastructure, offering speed without compromising on security. The network's ability to facilitate real-time and gas-free transactions is particularly advantageous for gaming applications where user experience can significantly benefit from such features. For platforms like Earnscape, SKALE provides the robust infrastructure necessary to handle large volumes of transactions and interactions, which are commonplace in the gaming industry.

"We partnered with SKALE for many reasons. We're a gaming project at our core, and SKALE is the leading gaming chain, but the chain structure is very conducive to how we aim to automate and more deeply integrate blockchain functions into our services. No other chain enables the whole suite of digital asset solutions Earnscape is building," explained Steve Wood, Founder and CEO of Earnscape. His insight underscores the alignment between Earnscape's innovative gaming solutions and SKALE's blockchain capabilities, marking a significant step forward in their joint path towards redefining the mobile gaming ecosystem.

This partnership marks an exciting chapter for mobile gaming, integrating web3 functionalities that empower users and enhance developer capabilities. As SKALE and Earnscape move forward together, the focus remains on delivering a superior gaming experience, enriched with the benefits of blockchain technology.

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