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February 9, 2024

January 2024 SKALE Engineering Update: 30% Increase in Block Speed and Compatibility Enhancements | SKALE

SKALE Network

With a relentless focus on optimizing performance and enriching compatibility, the SKALE developer community has successfully deployed significant updates that promise to elevate the functionality and user experience of the SKALE ecosystem. Keep reading to get insight on how SKALE is paving the way for mass adoption.

Mainnet Advancements: Release 2.2 Successfully Deployed

The SKALE network has seen a significant update with Release 2.2, which has been successfully rolled out to the Mainnet. This update has resulted in a remarkable 30% increase in block mining speed, underscoring SKALE's commitment to providing a high-performance blockchain infrastructure.

Forthcoming Improvements: Anticipating Release 2.3

Looking ahead, Release 2.3 is in the pipeline, currently undergoing the Quality Assurance (QA) phase. This forthcoming update aims to further bridge the compatibility gap with Ethereum, ensuring seamless integration and an enhanced developer experience. Notable improvements include:

1) Enhanced SKALE Chain API Compatibility

Several adjustments have been made to ensure the SKALE Chain API is fully compatible with Ethereum, resolving minor discrepancies in the JSON RPC API. Changes include:

  • The net_version now returns the ID in decimal format, in line with Ethereum standards.
  • The eth_estimateGas function has been updated to accept a block number tag parameter in requests.
  • The response format for eth_syncing has been modified to reflect Ethereum's style.
  • An issue with setting the Content-Type HTTP header in responses has been fixed, improving compatibility with the viem library.

2) Enhancing SKALE Chain Scalability

With Release 2.3, both archive and sync nodes will gain the capability to broadcast transactions to core SKALE Chain nodes. This significant enhancement will enable SKALE Chain customers to operate fully compatible nodes on their infrastructure, allowing for direct transactions and calls.

3) Solidity 0.8.20+ Support

A compatibility issue with the PUSH0 opcode has been addressed, enabling contracts compiled with Solidity v0.8.20 and later to be deployed on SKALE Chain without issue.

4) Automatic Change IP Feature

A new feature aimed at enhancing network flexibility will allow for the automatic updating of all chains when a node's IP changes, streamlining what was once a complex procedure.

5) Oracle Verifier Support

The ability to verify SKALE oracle responses using smart contracts on SKALE Chain has been introduced, giving developers and users confidence in the authenticity of the data returned.

Portal Version 2.2: Enhancing User Experience

The development of Portal 2.2 has begun, focusing on the Delegation UI. This initiative aims to create a user-friendly platform for token delegation within the SKALE network, enhancing the overall user experience and facilitating smoother interactions within the ecosystem.

SKALE Chain Pricing UI: First Version Released

In parallel, the first version of the SKALE Chain pricing model has been developed and released, marking a significant milestone. This development has already seen the first chains contributing to the network, setting a precedent for future engagements and collaborations within the SKALE ecosystem.

Unwavering Reliability

SKALE's commitment to reliability remains steadfast, with the network achieving an impressive average uptime of 100% for SKALE chains in 2024. The average uptime for block explorers is at 99.73%, highlighting SKALE's dedication to providing a stable and dependable blockchain ecosystem.

Stay tuned for updates as SKALE progresses in its mission to make blockchain faster, more efficient, and more accessible to everyone. For additional information on these releases and to engage with the SKALE community, please visit the GitHub and connect on social media platforms.


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling. SKALE chains offer zero gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, and enhanced security features.

The SKALE Network enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse.

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