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April 12, 2024

Hangry Animals Partners with SKALE for a New Era of Play to Donate Gaming | SKALE

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The world of web3 and blockchain gaming is an ever-expanding frontier where play-to-earn models have predominated. Yet, imagine a scenario where gaming serves a dual purpose: entertainment and philanthropy. Hangry Animals has been at the forefront of “Play to Donate” and it is with great enthusiasm that SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, announces the integration of Hangry Animals into its ecosystem! Thus setting an example of how blockchain can extend beyond profit to support worthy causes.

Joining Forces: Hangry Animals Launches on SKALE Network

Hangry Animals is a comprehensive ecosystem that blends gaming with charity, where players engage in quests and level completions to support animal welfare. The dual reward system not only benefits players but also the charities they choose to support. This unique approach expands the appeal of Hangry Animals, attracting a diverse audience interested in making a positive impact through gaming.

The partnership with SKALE is born out of a shared vision for performance and innovation. Hangry Animals chose SKALE for its renowned speed and efficiency, which are critical in gaming contexts where user experience is paramount. The gas savings and responsive development support from SKALE's team are crucial for Hangry Animals, enabling a seamless, immersive gaming experience without the usual blockchain-associated costs.

SKALE’s infrastructure is uniquely positioned to support games like Hangry Animals. With its capability to process transactions rapidly and its limitless scalability scalability, SKALE alleviates common blockchain bottlenecks, making it an attractive platform for developers aiming to attract and retain an active user base. Moreover, SKALE’s environment is tailored to foster innovations that require high throughput and low-cost operations—features essential for sophisticated gaming networks.

Andrew Minton of the Hangry Animals team shared his enthusiasm about the new partnership: "We're excited to be partnering with so many awesome businesses in web3 to date, and SKALE tops the list as one of the most impactful changes to our approach. Providing seamless, gasless, gaming experiences to our players will be a 'game changer' for us all and we can't wait to showcase what's being built under the hood. Hangry Animals has been a labour of love, a passion project that evolved rapidly and we're excited to showcase the vision to everyone as we evolve. Good causes have always been close to our hearts, what better focus than animal welfare and wellbeing. As a dog lover and owner, I can't wait to see the rescued animals benefiting from our platform through our Play to Donate mindset. It's going to be so awesome to unleash when we're ready to rock."

This partnership marks a significant milestone in blockchain gaming, showing how technological advancements can bridge the gap between entertainment and charitable giving. As Hangry Animals prepares to launch on the SKALE network, both players and beneficiaries await a new chapter where gaming goes beyond mere play, into the realm of meaningful impact.

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