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July 8, 2024

BurgerCities Partners with SKALE to Integrate DeFi and NFTs in the Metaverse

SKALE Network

Innovation is often painted with a broad stroke and blockchain technology is no different. However, once one dives into the details with blockchain the segments are often disparate and siloed, leaving groups to be classified in individual categories such as DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs. However, BurgerCities is looking to break the mold by developing a unified blockchain metaverse that merges DeFi and NFTs into an immersive virtual world where users can engage in social activities, gaming, and more through their avatars. And today, SKALE, the gas-less EVM-compatible modular blockchain, is thrilled to announce its partnership with BurgerCities to provide the infrastructure and gas-free environment to unlock its metaverse ecosystem.

BurgerCities Goes Gas-Free with SKALE to Power Metaverse Expansion

BurgerCities aims to set a new standard in the metaverse by incorporating a wide array of Web3 elements, striving for a significant milestone of one million adoptions. With SKALE's robust infrastructure, BurgerCities is poised to deliver a seamless, cost-effective experience to its users, eliminating the barriers of high transaction costs and scalability issues.

SKALE’s infrastructure is uniquely designed to meet the needs of projects like BurgerCities that require high throughput and low latency to support complex metaverse environments. By offering zero gas fees, SKALE removes a significant barrier for users and developers alike, enabling seamless interactions and transactions within the BurgerCities ecosystem. This is particularly crucial for a project integrating DeFi and NFTs, where frequent, micro-transactions can quickly become cost-prohibitive on traditional blockchains. Moreover, SKALE’s ability to handle millions of transactions daily with instant finality ensures that BurgerCities can scale effectively to accommodate its growing user base and ambitious adoption goals. The combination of these features makes SKALE an ideal partner, providing the necessary scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency to power BurgerCities' vision of a dynamic and engaging metaverse.

Some key highlights around the BurgerCities ecosystem: 

  • Over 210k Twitter followers, 76k Discord users, and 13k Telegram users.
  • Daily Active Users (DAU) range between 1500-2000, with 1.4k on-chain transactions.
  • BurgerSwap boasts a TVL of $713k and has earned users $5.6m.
  • Clothing NFTs: 22,797 owners, 14.6 BNB total volume.
  • Hero NFTs: 4,742 items, 82.3 BNB total volume.

Daniil Sokolov, co-founder of BurgerCities, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: "BurgerCities is excited about the prospect of partnering with SKALE because it offers the potential to enhance scalability, improve performance, optimize costs, access a thriving ecosystem, and future-proof its platform, ultimately delivering greater value to its users and stakeholders."

About BurgerCities

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