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November 21, 2022

SKALE Ambassador Community Spotlight Series: October Recap | SKALE

SKALE Network

Since reintroducing our SKALE Ambassador Program, we want to share with the SKALEverse what our ambassadors have been up to in their respective communities. What better way to do so than to kick off a new Ambassador Community spotlight series? This series will capture monthly recaps summarizing past educational community events hosted by SKALE Ambassadors.

The SKALE Team appreciates all our ambassadors' hard work coordinating events and positively elevating SKALE’s brand. And now, our readers can see this by checking out highlights from past activities below!

SKALE Africa: Nigeria Independence Day

On October 1st, we celebrated Nigeria Independence Day and SKALE’s 2nd Birthday. SKALE Africa Ambassadors coordinated a Learn and Earn Contest where the SKALE Africa community had the opportunity to learn about Nigeria Independence Day and SKALE. Plus, win some prizes! Five lucky contest winners were awarded prizes that totaled up to $100 in $SKL. This event raised tons of awareness in SKALE’s Africa community channels and high participation numbers. A special shout out to SKALE Africa Ambassadors: Donald and Aniky, who helped make this possible! 

SKALE Sri Lanka: Halloween Costume Contest

In honor of the spooky season, SKALE Sri Lanka Ambassador Dilip was excited to host SKALE Sri Lanka’s annual Halloween costume contest. Many community members dressed in costumes, took pictures and shared them with the rest of the SKALE community. We saw a considerable spike in participation from the Sri Lanka community with this event, and attendees with the best costumes received a small prize! Readers can check out past photos from this event by heading to “#skalehalloween” on Twitter!

Twitter: @SupunChalu143

SKALE Sri Lanka and India: Diwali

Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, is a widely celebrated holiday amongst the Sri Lankan and Indian communities. SKALE Sri Lanka Ambassador, Dilip, and SKALE India Ambassador, Jitendra, coordinated a community event where members were asked to complete multiple tasks; these included creating a banner and highlighting what they consider to be SKALE’s three coolest features. Not only was this a successful cultural event where we saw growth across all platforms, but this also enabled the community to educate one another about SKALE at a local level. Check out “#DiwaliwithSkale” on Twitter for more submissions!

Twitter: @Hasindu31372111

Twitter: @AsankaKumbalat1

Twitter: @SupunChalu143

SKALE Polish: Teacher’s Day

One of SKALE’s original ambassadors, Andrzej, thought creatively outside of the box to educate his community and help them win! To celebrate Teacher’s Day in his local Polish community and encourage more members to join SKALE’s first-ever Scavenger Hunt, Andrzej recorded a video where he shared different hints (not solutions!) about the event with his audience. He was able to assist many in real-time and encouraged them to ask questions in Discords if the recorded hints were not sufficient enough. Way to go, Andrzej! Check out some photos from the event below! 

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