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July 1, 2024

Zesh Partners with SKALE to Bring Gas-Free SocialFi to Web3

SKALE Network

In the ever-shifting landscape of Web3, many projects face a common challenge: the inability to build genuine, long-term communities. With transient participation and fleeting engagement, the sense of true belonging and sustained growth often feels out of reach. Enter Zesh, an AI-powered SocialFi solution poised to change this narrative. Focused on recognizing and rewarding every individual's contribution to Web3 projects, Zesh is dedicated to driving innovation and fostering sustainable community growth. SKALE, the gas-less EVM-compatible modular blockchain, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Zesh to bring the SocialFi solution to the SKALE Network. 

Zesh integrates an innovative reward system backed by gamification and zero-knowledge machine learning (zkML), ensuring maximum transparency and data privacy. This approach guarantees fair reward distribution, preventing manipulation and enhancing trust within communities. By leveraging SKALE's gas-free transactions, Zesh can now onboard millions of users and generate hundreds of millions of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) without any financial burden, aligning perfectly with their mission to make Web3 accessible and enjoyable for all.

Discover how Zesh is leveraging SKALE's gas-free network to transform community engagement and reward systems in Web3.

The decision to partner with SKALE was driven by several key factors that align with Zesh’s goals. SKALE’s gasless transaction model is pivotal for creating a seamless Web2-like experience for Zesh users. This feature allows Zesh to scale efficiently and sustainably, providing a robust foundation for their AI-driven growth-hacking apps and reward systems. Additionally, SKALE’s speed, security, and reliability ensure an exceptional user experience, making it the ideal blockchain for Zesh’s ambitious plans.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Marius Martocsan, CEO of Zesh, shared his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to launch Zesh on the SKALE Network, as their gasless transactions and robust infrastructure align perfectly with our mission to make Web3 accessible and user-friendly. SKALE's support and innovative solutions will help us become the number one choice for onboarding both Web2 users and existing Web3 adopters into their Web3 communities, while ensuring a seamless and secure experience. We're excited to grow our community and drive innovation together.”

As Zesh and SKALE join forces, the future of SocialFi looks brighter than ever. This partnership promises to accelerate community growth, drive genuine engagement, and unlock new possibilities in the Web3 space. Stay tuned for more updates as Zesh continues to lead the way in transforming community dynamics and digital ownership.

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