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May 22, 2023

Untitled Platformer Launches on SKALE: A New Era in the Time-Honored Tradition of Platform Games | SKALE

SKALE Network

Rejoice, gamers! It's time to dust off your joysticks and dive into a thrilling blend of the old and new as we announce the launch of Untitled Platformer, now live on the SKALE Network! This cutting-edge multiplayer game, powered by the SKALE blockchain, the world's fastest blockchain, is an audacious leap into the future of gaming while staying true to the iconic platform genre we all cherish.

Platform games have been the cornerstone of video gaming history from the pixelated landscapes of the '80s to the three-dimensional worlds of today. They've taught us to jump over obstacles, climb ever higher, and venture into magical worlds. Untitled Platformer embraces this rich history, injecting a dose of innovative blockchain technology into the much-loved genre, leading to an experience unlike any other.

Untitled Platformer isn't just a nod to nostalgia; it's a game-first approach to blockchain gaming. By integrating the power of blockchain into the gameplay, rather than relying on the technology as the central attraction, the Untitled Platformer team has crafted an interactive, competitive, and collaborative environment for both casual gamers and hardcore completionists. Whether you’re teaming up with friends for fun or aiming to clinch every achievement and challenge, Untitled Platformer is your digital playground.

The collaboration with SKALE has been instrumental in creating this unparalleled gaming journey. SKALE's impressive Time-To-Finality (TTF) stood out in Untitled Platformer’s quest for a blockchain partner capable of delivering fast and reliable transaction finality that is essential for seamless, interruption-free gameplay. And guess what? SKALE's network is gas-free for users, making onboarding and ongoing play a breeze.

In the words of Untitled Platformer founder, Reinhardt Weyers, "Launching Untitled Platformer on SKALE is a game-changer for us. With SKALE's high-performance infrastructure, we can create a seamless, engaging gaming experience that is scalable and cost-effective. Our users will be able to enjoy faster transaction finality and zero gas fees, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in our game without any limitations."

One of the key aspects that has been revolutionized by SKALE is onboarding. Thanks to its zero gas fee infrastructure, there has been a dramatic reduction in onboarding friction. This means new and existing players can dive straight into the action without fretting about transaction costs and holding a native token. SKALE has empowered the Untitled Platformer team to focus on delivering an enthralling gaming experience instead of juggling blockchain complexities.

Ready to join the action? Access Untitled Platformer through their website here. Follow the basic login flow from here to get started.

The world of Untitled Platformer awaits your arrival! Jump in and be a part of the next-generation blockchain gaming revolution. Here’s to countless hours of fun, camaraderie, and achievement – all on the lightning-fast, zero-gas SKALE Network. Let the games begin!

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