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April 30, 2024

TOM and SKALE Network Forge Fruitful New Partnership for Community Gaming | SKALE

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In an increasingly digital world, the quest for community remains as compelling as ever. People yearn for connections that resonate with their interests, made all the more vibrant through engaging and accessible activities. Standing out in this new age, TOM has cultivated a dynamic community with its captivating TOMato-based game on Telegram. SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, is pleased to announce the Telegram based clicker game is now partnering to accelerate its growth on the gas-free network! 

TOM thrives at the intersection of gaming, memes and blockchain, offering a unique blend of clicker, resource management, and strategy elements. Players engage in a variety of activities including clicking, referring friends, completing tasks, and purchasing upgrades, all designed to earn points and, ultimately, rewards in the form of $TOM. This engaging model not only entertains but also provides a means to earn, encapsulating TOMCoin's vision of monetizing leisure without the feel of labor.

Moreover, the ecosystem is expanding with upcoming features like the Autobattle game "TOM Arena" and a Tamagotchi-style game "My Buddy TOM", enhancing the community and gaming dynamics. With over 135,000 players already enjoying the game and more than 55,000 daily active users, TOMCoin has demonstrated significant traction and appeal within the gaming community.

Choosing to partner with SKALE was a strategic decision driven by several compelling features of the SKALE Network, notably its zero gas fee structure. This aspect is particularly advantageous for games like TOMCoin, where frequent transactions can become a barrier due to associated costs. SKALE's ability to facilitate high-speed transactions without gas fees aligns perfectly with TOMCoin's goal to provide a seamless and cost-effective gaming experience.

SKALE Network is designed to enhance decentralized applications by providing the benefits of Ethereum without its limitations. The network supports a multitude of decentralized configurations, ensuring scalability, security, and rapid transaction capabilities. This makes SKALE an excellent match for blockchain-based games that require extensive microtransactions and constant user engagement without compromising performance or user satisfaction.

Reflecting on the partnership, Germán, CEO and Co-Founder of TOMCoin, shared his enthusiasm: "We have achieved over 130,000 players in just two months with our Clicker Game. With SKALE, the costs that often hinder decentralization are no longer a barrier. This partnership not only supports our growth but enhances our community's experience, making every game interaction smooth and enjoyable."

The partnership between TOMCoin and the SKALE Network is more than a mere alignment of two tech entities; it's a strategic fusion that promises to redefine the landscape of community gaming. As both entities move forward, the focus remains firmly on the community—enhancing every interaction and transaction, ensuring that every participant not only enjoys the game but also reaps the benefits of a truly integrated, efficient blockchain environment. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain gaming, heralding a new era of community engagement and technological synergy.

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