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February 23, 2023

SKALE your NFT audience with MADNFT

SKALE Network


Launching soon on SKALE, MADNFT is a premier NFT Marketplace that strives to Make A Difference for creators around the world. By providing expert tools and education to creators, MADNFT seeks to become the number one cross chain NFT Marketplace and we are now expanding our toolkit to the Skale ecosystem. MADNFT has spent two years building our NFT platform to include high quality tooling such as NFT auctions, bulk purchasing, social features and much more.  

MADNFT founders JP Birch and Jeff Williams are both well established artists who’ve had great success in the NFT space and want to help other creators do the same. In this Blog series you’ll learn how to generate success for yourselves with your own NFT journey. 

In this series you’ll learn about the following : 

  • How to get started as a creator of NFTs
  • How to create the perfect creator profile on 
  • How to create a great NFT drop 
  • Advice on promoting yourself 
  • How to create value with your NFT
  • Growing your creative community 
  • How to generate repeat customers 
  • How to curate an audience of Ambassadors

Why is MADNFT Launching on Skale?

The design of the SKALE Network makes it well suited to NFT-based solutions. The low cost/no-cost nature of its transaction model means that the costs to mint, trade, and manage NFTs becomes almost non-existent. SKALE's high capacity multi-chain approach means it can easily handle the most demanding NFT marketplace or app needs allowing MADNFT to scale our transactions and volume without worry.

The zero gas fee option is also a fantastic opportunity for artists to get started selling NFTs without requiring any starter capital. This will help with MADNFTs mission to help underserved artists, especially in the most disenfranchised parts of the world such as third world countries where interest in NFTs is growing rapidly. 

Now that you know more about MADNFT and the mission behind this marketplace, let’s get into how you can scale your NFT audience using tips from MADNFTs. If you want to introduce some friends to NFTs then send them this series. 

How to get started as a creator of NFTs

1) The easiest way to get started in NFTs is go through and watch the completely free academy videos on MADNFT here - There’s 6 modules of short and efficient videos that tells you everything you need to know about creating NFTs, buying NFTs and growing your audience. It is a comprehensive yet simple to follow guide to NFTs which also allows you to track your video progress to see how much you’ve learned. 

Each video comes with quick bullet points below to recap what you’ve learned, as well as a full transcript if you’d like to translate the test into your language of choice.

2) After receiving your NFT education from MADNFT, the next best step is to see what’s going on in the wider NFT community using the right social channels. For NFTs, the best social hubs are on Twitter and Discord

You’ll find that the majority of NFT projects have their own discord channels where they host their communities and provide any and all information about their projects. Individual artists don’t have to do this, but be aware that this option is available to you. If the thought of starting your own discord channel is daunting, then join one of the many NFT artist channels instead, or work with other artists to set up a channel together. 

Twitter is a very active platform for those interested in NFTs and you’ll find a range of topics and people there such as NFT artist groups, NFT influencers, community members, collectors and more. Find some of the main channels and circles that you like and familiarise yourself with basic principles and means of interaction. 

Try looking for collectors within the Skale network by looking at who’s following Skale and interacting in the community 

3) Once you’ve found the ideal circles to enter in the NFT space, the next key step is to give yourself some time to learn and soak up this new creative industry. You don’t need to learn everything at once, go at your own steady pace and you’ll learn the more you interact. If you’re reading this before 2025, then you’re likely still early in this industry so don’t rush yourself.

4) A final great way to get started is to find NFT creators that are similar to you, either in their art/music style or in their level of involvement in NFTs. Seeing others in a similar position as you will help you progress knowing that you’re not alone and it will create a great pool of reference for you going forward on your journey. 

How to get started on MADNFT with an amazing creator profile

If you want to get started in NFTs, the best way is to make a creator account on and begin fine-tuning it. 

1) First go to and click the ‘connect’ button in the top right corner to connect your metamask wallet, or a choice of other wallets using the wallet connect extension. If you don’t yet have a wallet, then follow this guide to set one up - guide 

2) Once you’ve connected your wallet you can begin customizing your profile. Here’s some tips and tricks for crafting an amazing creator profile that will help you gain traction in the NFT space. 

  • ​​Choose a name or username that is consistent with your commonly used artist name or social media handle to make your account more discoverable. 
  • Create your bio. The key here is to really sell your story. As well as offering fantastic ART, people like to get to know real people. Your story can and should add value to your ART and should portray your story as an artist. Provide opportunities for your audience to connect with you as a person using honest stories in your bio. 
  • Tell us about your following and show any proof of demand. Direct your audience to any of your achievements or your own website that hosts your artist achievements. Showcasing your success can help legitimize your career for new collectors who haven't heard of you before, but don’t go overboard. Just a few references will do, keep the main focus on creating a personal connection with collectors. 
  • Add social media links. This helps collectors verify that you are the real creator and gives them another opportunity to support you and your growth. 
  • Add your profile image and cover photo. Try and keep your profile image / cover photo consistent with your creative brand. To learn more about making your creator brand, watch our academy video here
  • Create your unique profile URL. This is another way to make your profile more discoverable using another customisable tool. Add your name after name) making sure that your URL ends with either your creator name or username to avoid any confusion when searching for your account.  

You can add your own creative flare to any part of your profile. Just make sure to keep it authentic as the most impactful profiles represent who you are and what your message is. 

3) The final great way to get started on MADNFT is to introduce yourself to our community! You can join our Twitter spaces on Tuesdays at 9pm UTC and even come up as a speaker. Speak with other artists about any changes you would like to see or let potential collectors know more about you as a creator. MADNFT wants to create a welcoming atmosphere for creators and provides lots of opportunities to engage in conversation. 

Continue this 4 part series and learn how to enhance your NFT drops with part 2 coming soon! 

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